Note: Defibrillator Maintenance

Dear all 
We are now well into the summer and I hope you have all been enjoying some quality time with family and friends.  
As you are aware a few months ago all village households were asked to contribute to the upkeep/ maintenance of the village defibrillator. On behalf of the Reading Room Committee, I subsequently approached the Parish Council to ask for their financial support with respect to this going forward. You may or may not be aware that all medical equipment requires checks, maintenance and have a ‘shelf life’ that would continue to trigger ongoing costs to the village community. We are pleased to report that the Parish Council are prepared to adopt our defibrillator and pick up ongoing future maintenance costs. At the last Reading Room Committee meeting this proposal was discussed and we unanimously agreed that this would be in the best interests of our community and remove any financial burden from us all going forward. The Parish council already have a similar arrangement in place with Finghall. There will be no noticeable difference during the transition of responsibility and there will be no disruption to the availability of defibrillator; it will continue to be available to all members of the community at all times.  
Also, just a quick reminder that we have the Summer Fayre and Duck Race on 27th August and we look forward to seeing you all there.  

Kind Regards 
Barry Snarr 

On Behalf of Constable Burton Reading Room Committee 

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