Northern Powergrid Priority Membership Services


While we continue to formulate plans as to how we might cope with extensive
power cuts over this winter, please follow the link to read about Northern
Powergrid Priority Membership Services. What they are offering is quite extensive and can be found at

A copy is also available to be read in the Reading Room.

Those eligible for this service is detailed on the attached and not just the elderly of
pensionable age, the infirm but also those who have children under 5 years of age.
To apply you can either contact your own energy supplier or follow the instructions
on their website.

If you have any difficulty registering for this service, and believe you are eligible,
please contact me or any member of the Reading Room Committee as we may be
able to assist you.

Barry Snarr
Chair to the
Reading Room Committee
Constable Burton
Mobile: 07730986863

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