News Update – April 2014

Coffee morning and Book Sale

CoffeeThis will be, as usual, from 10am to noon on Saturday 12 April.

Dave Jones, the NHS co-ordinator, should be demonstrating the use of the Defibrillator

The village has been given the defibrillator which will be fixed on the outside of the back wall of the Reading Room, and will be available for anyone to use. The box has a security code which will be given to whoever rings 999, and will then be given clear instructions.

Tour de France in Yorkshire

Tour_de_FranceAs I am sure you know, the Tour will be coming through our area on Saturday 5 July .

This will only happen once in our life time and is good for Yorkshire. It will pass through Leyburn, and then on to Middleham and East Witton.

It has been proposed that we provide car parking in Mill field opposite Village Farm on the Saturday. There is room for about 40 cars at £10 each (the officially agreed charge). It is also proposed that they will be given breakfast as they would be arriving very early,(timings to be provided) and that afternoon tea will be provided for the many visitors expected to be passing.

We would like you to come to an open forum on Monday 14 April. The purpose of which is for you to express your opinion, give ideas etc. and make a decision.

If it goes ahead the profit could go to a village project. Please bring any ideas you might have on a village project

Rebekah Duff and Gareth Meadows

Street Lighting Lighting consultation

In order to save energy and emissions the street lights operated by North Yorkshire County Council will be turned off between midnight and 5 am. Richmondshire District council, which operates some lights in the village, are consulting towns and parishes on the scheme. We can agree wholly or partially. Our preference must be delivered by April 30.

Seven lights are concerned – four in Donald Smith Court, one outside Village Farm, one outside School House, and one outside St Andrews Cottage

A plan is available in the notice board – relevant lights highlighted in yellow.

Please contact Anna Corbett, School House, 01677450498 with your opinions

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