Nepal Earthquake Disaster – fund raising

As many will know, George Tomlin  returned in April from an expedition to Nepal.

Some days later Nepal was devastated by a huge earthquake. Here’s what George has had to say:

Eleven days after I left Nepal the country was hit by a devastating earthquake with over 8,000 people killed. The Langtang Valley was devastated by the quake and subsequent avalanches. Langtang village was buried killing an as yet unknown number of locals and trekkers (200+).

Myself and David Walker were sponsored to raise money for the IMPACT Foundation which, in a dozen countries in South and South East Asia and Africa conducts medical programmes and interventions to treat disabilities such as cataracts, cleft palate, orthopaedic and ear problems.

The IMPACT Foundation (Nepal) immediately responded in the aftermath of the quake by providing shelter, bedding, food and both medical supplies and treatment. It is continuing to help to rebuild this nation.

Please follow the link if you would like to read more about the IMPACT Foundation or if you would like to make a donation

In order to raise funds to help with disaster relief, George will be giving a presentation in the Reading Room on the evening of 26th June. Details are set out below and in the  poster above.

Kathmandu to Langtang, the last ‘shangri-la’

A presentation by Maj(retd) George Tomlin MBE

About his trek in the Langtang Valley, in support of the

Impact Foundation (Nepal) Earthquake Disaster Appeal

Venue: The ReadingRoom, Constable Burton

Entrance: £5.00 Dinner: £2.50
(Bring your own Bottle, if you’d like a drink with Dinner)
Date: Friday 26th June, Time: 7pm
Raffle: £1.00 per ticket

Get involved


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