Murder Mystery Night

On Saturday 25th December late at night Monsieur Jacques Frost (helicopter pilot) and his accomplice Mademoiselle Sophia Salopette (Sculptress) were arrested for the murder of Monsieur Richard Pickles the well known businessman and entrepreneur.

In solving this crime i would like to thank:

Ava Lanche (Gill)
Walter Emmental (Peter)
Claus Von Langlauf (Chris)
Matt A Horn (Gerry)
Tracy Crevasse (Moy)
Onna Toboggan (Hilly)

And of course Jacques Frost (Alistair) and Sophina Salopette (Moya) I hope the blemish on their characters and reputations are soon forgotten.

Thanks also go to the chalet girls (Val, Mal, Moy, Gill, Hilly) for the catering and service of such a superb menu.

The Art Group Jean Knight and Margaret Topliss are also thanked for their artistry which helped to set the scene.

A final and enormous thank you goes to Hilly Dobson for without her drive and enthusiasm the evening would not have taken place.

All round it was another great night in the Reading Room.

George Tomlin


2 thoughts on “Murder Mystery Night

  1. Mr Chris Green

    A great night enjoyed by everybody there – if anybody wants skiing lessons from Claus the Louse just let me know! A big thank you for all the people that made the event happen. Maybe a Murder on the Beach for summer !!!!

  2. Alistair

    And thanks, also, to George for all the work that he put in to an event that was completely different and for managing to maintain some sort of order amongst all the suspects and the inspectors! From M Jacques Frost (on the run in the Alps with Sophina).


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