Morrisons – Doorstep Delivery Service

Props to Josie Downey for drawing attention to Morrisons ‘Doorstep Delivery Service’.

Morrisons launched the service in April after receiving many calls from customers who were self isolating, elderly or vulnerable and were not able to visit a shop.

Customers are able to place orders directly over the phone – with delivery being made the following day, free of charge, by a Morrisons from the local store.

And – as Josie can confirm – our local store in Ripon, are happy to deliver to Constable Burton.

People wishing to place an order should phone 0345 611 6111 and select option five.

Morrisons sa that it’s best – if you can – to place your order early on weekday mornings so as to avoid potential delays during the weekend. Simply run through your requirements with the person on the other end of the phone, and they’ll arrange delivery the next day. What could be simpler ??

You can find out more here….

Want even more information ?

Contact Josie directly – 01677 450 951‬

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