Minutes – Village meeting Constable Burton, 24th April 2018

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Meeting started at 6:30pm

Welcome. Village committee

Present Councillors Keith Loadman ,Councillor Hilda Dobson
Village Residents Stewart Ayers Cathy Ayers .

Apologies, Gillian Carss.

Minutes of previous meeting, Read and Approved.

Matters Arising

[Question: Jonny Handley] Could a lighted sign be put in village to give heightened awareness of speeding traffic ? to slow the traffic down,Children playing etc.

[Question: Cathy Ayers] Can the RDC please Top prune the one remaining cherry tree – In Donald Smith Court also check it has a split trunk.

Gravel removed on Station Rd

Cathy Ayers to ask Darcy Wyvill again to look at the sycamore tree branches 10/8″ long in front of number 4 Mill Lane. Fragile.

[Question: Stewart Ayers] Can the R D C put Constable Burton on the list for repairs to the High Roadway. MillLane has 20-30 holes which have been created by having been washed away during extreme weather conditions .

Yorkshire water need to be contacted to clear a blocked Drain adjacent the Smithy – It needs Blasting to allow the silt to wash away. Result of extreme weather conditions.

Thank you from the chair Keith Loadman.

Meeting closed at 7.15 pm

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