Minutes, Village Meeting – April 20th 2015

Village Meeting Constable Burton

Minutes of Village Meeting – April 20 2015


Councillors Keith Loadman and Anna Corbett, and village residents – Hilda Dobson, Michael Dawson, Mary Manning and Stewart Ayers

Apologies for absence

Cathy Ayers and Mavis Allen

Minutes of last meeting

The minutes were read and adopted

Matters arising

Grass cutting in Ashfield Close – the residents have decided to cut the grass in the close themselves, as the Council does not cut it regularly and leaves the cut grass to blow around.

Beech Tree The tree officer from Richmondshire District Council has inspected the tree and confirmed it as safe. Charles Wyvill has agreed to inspect it on a regular basis.

Defibrillator Cllr Corbett explained that in an emergency someone would ring 999 and begin CPR, while another collected the defibrillator. Instructions for its use are provided by a recorded message which activates when the defibrillator is accessed. However, the village needs someone to volunteer as a First Responder who would be trained to use CPR. She agreed to encourage someone to act as a First Responder.

Any other business

Housing Application Cllr Loadman confirmed that no planning application had been made. Mr Wyvill had nominated an area in the village for prospective development were development required. At present all the required building in this area has been utilised, . Any further development would only go ahead if special needs were established ie social housing.

Hilda Dobson reported that a drain pipe was emptying into the ground by her gates. Yorkshire Water was investigating, and Cllr Loadman agreed to consult the Highways Agency if necessary

Mary Manning asked if, due to easing of planning restrictions, building on the empty plot at Bank Top might be more favourably regarded.

Stewart Ayers reported that the white plastic post on the verge needed replacing. Cllr Loadman will report it to the council

It was decided to put up warning signs “Children playing” at both ends of the village and on the corner near the swings.

Cllr Corbett said that Derek Knights had kindly agreed to repair and renovate the bench by the bus stop. It is unsightly and dangerous. She will ask the Parish Council to provide the funds for the wood.

Stewart Ayers enquired whether any further thefts of oil had been reported in the area. None were known of.

The meeting closed at 8pm

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