Minutes: Tour De France Meeting – 14 April 2014

Tour De France


14 April 2014

Committee Attendees

  • Chair R DuffA Corbett
  • Notes G Meadows H Dobson
  • M Phillipson
  • M Dawson
  • M Edington



  • J Edington
  • K & S Ayers
  • D Handley


R Duff – opened the meeting at 1900hrs with an introduction as to what the meeting was about and read through the agenda. She went onto discuss each item:


Car Parking costs £10:00

Timing for the Car Parking opening and closing down and vacating the field

Loo’s and the cost of £240 and were they required or not

Discussed car parking in the village

Vehicles blocking routes in and out

Damage to the green area

We need to organise the rota



What to do with the profit

Afternoon teas and breakfast



M Dawson – Suggested a reduced cost for car parking after 16:00hrs onwards, this was discussed in length and it was agreed.

A Corbett – Suggested afternoon teas should be served between 16:00 through to 19:00hrs this was also agreed.

M Dawson – Suggested we should not concentrate on the car parking we should combined all our efforts on the passing trade for Food & Drink

M Phillipson – Suggested we should look to the Food & Drink as the main enterprise and the car parking can act as an overspill for passing trade and he agreed that the breakfast is a good idea and also agreed with the Car Parking costs, (£10:00 all day and £2:00 from 16:00 hrs onwards until 20:00hrs.

H Dobson Mentioned the numbers required for the breakfasts and afternoon teas (7 in total).

M Phillipson – Stated he would help prepare the signs and assist in the preparation, however on the day he wishes to see the race so he will not be available for most of the day to assist with the car parking and it was discussed that we would probably require minimum of 6.

A Corbett – Confirmed timings for breakfast and teas and costs for car parking.

M Phillipson – Wanted to know where the profits were going

M Dawson – Suggested that after 16:00hrs parking should be for free

R Duff – Suggested that everyone in the room state what their feelings are about the whole event then we can make a decision and move forward, this was then discussed by all and everyone stated whatever fears and concerns they had and any further suggestions.

R Duff – Then summed up what had been discussed:

Car Parking charges all day £10.00

Car Parking charges after 1600hrs £2.00

Breakfast timings 6am – 10am

Afternoon teas 4 pm – 7pm

No Loos


All – This was agreed by all – 7 in total

M Phillipson – Discussed how we would manage the chaos with parking then went onto ask how was the money going to be spent

R Duff – Suggested the money could be spent on – Air Ambulance, Bench outside the Reading Room, deposit for the footpath

M Edington – mentioned that maybe some of the funds could be put towards an Orchard round the back of the Reading Room.

All – discussed the rota for the Catering which H Dobson would organise and R Duff would organise the rota for the Car Parking.

It was also discussed as to what signs maybe required and also the use of duct tape to cordon off the no parking areas such as the green, all to be erected on the Thursday 03/07/2014

M Phillipson – Stated he would plan for preparing the signs in the middle of May.

R Duff – Stated she would provide the float on the day for the Car Parking

A Corbett – Mentioned that there is already a float for the reading room which can be used on the day.


Next Meeting to take place at the same venue on 27th May 2014 at 19.00hrs


Meeting Closed at 2030hrs.



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