Minutes: Ordinary Meeting of Constable Burton and Finghall Parish Council – 18th May 2021


An Ordinary Meeting of Constable Burton and Finghall Parish Council was held on the 18 May 2021 at 7.30pm at the Reading Room Constable Burton.

Apologies – Cllr.R. Terry

Declarations of Interest – nil

Members Present – Chairman – Cllr. I Hainsworth Vice Chairman Cllr. H Smith

Cllr. H Dobson Cllr. D. Irwin Cllr. B. Snarr and the Parish Clerk

Cllr. Sedgwick and Cllr. Ormston also attended.

Minutes of the Last Meeting were read and approved – Proposed Cllr.Irwin Seconded Cllr. Dobson

The Murder Stone Plaque – this was still in abeyance until Covid Restrictions are lifted

Cllr. Sedgwick offered to liaise with Highways re road safety.

Finghall – Following the recent torrential rain Highways had had to be contacted re grit on Finghall Bank.

Fencing at the bottom of Finghall Bank was leaning over towards the road which could cause possible damage to vehicles the Clerk would contact the Land Agent requesting immediate attention.

The Clerk was asked to contact Highways again with a view to the Meadowcroft sign at the bottom of Finghall Bank being removed as villagers felt that this was causing extra traffic through the village.

Constable Burton – traffic – the Clerk had asked for more prominent signs to be displayed as lorries were turning into the Village following Sat Nav instructions and they were then having to reverse out on to the A684.

Constable Burton Play Equipment – the Clerk had downloaded all necessary forms for the Grant Applications. Cllr. Dobson and Cllr. Snarr to obtain quotes.

Notices – the Clerk had been asked by a villager why the Parish Council had put up a notice saying do not pick daffodils as it was felt that the village did not need policing in this manner.

The Clerk advised that some years ago notices had been put in various places ie Telegraph Poles (which is not allowed) in a similar vein and the Parish Council had been asked to take this on board and sort it out. This was dealt with people being advised that Notices could be put in the Parish Notice Board the only criteria being that they should not be for Personal Gain and this has worked well up to the present day. The notice re daffodils had not been put there by the Parish Council

Cllr. Sedgwik advised the meeting that other villages had similar problems with mysterious notices appearing.

Grass Verges in Finghall were still a problem cars being parked on them causing ruts and making the village look unsightly. The Clerk requested help from Cllr. Sedgwick and Cllr. Ormston to ask Highways to give permission to install approximately three white posts round the bulb area on Finghall Bank. As on three occasions vehicles had run over this area. The Clerk had requested these posts but was told that they would interfere with the utilities. The Clerk advised that the manhole cover to access same was at the back under the hedge.

Precept – The Chairman advised the Council that the Precept had been received. Cllr. Hainswoth advised that the Precept had been increased to take into account the provision of a Computer for the Parish Council use.

Any Other Business.

Pot Holes had appeared in Church Lane the Clerk would inform Highways.

The Clerk informed the Meeting that she had downloaded information re Harrassment of Councillors for future reference. Reason – the Clerk had been made aware from various sources that comments had been made ‘whats the point of a Parish Council if they do not represent the people ‘ this in connection with Planning matters. The Clerk advised the Meeting that her six Councillors had been on call 24/7 throughout the Pandemic and had done everything possible to help.


Clerks Salary —————– -£250

O’Reilly———————— £79.20

Wensleydale Pay Role———£64.50

Play Park Inspection———–£68.40 (Subtracted from the Precept)

Meeting Closed – 20.40hrs.

Date of Next Meeting 17 August 2021

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