Minutes of Meeting- Wednesday 22nd June 2022

Constable Burton Reading Room 
Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday 22nd June 2022 at 7pm 

Present: Barry Snarr – Chairman
              Hilly Dobson – Vice Chairman
              Charles Wyvill – Patron
              Jeff Lane 

Guest :   Dawn Gelder 

Apologies: Niesha Snarr, George Tomlin, Alan Percy & Keith Loadman.


1)    Welcome

The chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank them for their attendance and continued support. 

–  Proposed by Charles Wyvill
–  seconded by Jeff Lane 

2 ) Election of Persons to the Committee

        Dawn Gelder was Co-opted into the Committee and will fulfil the role of  Social & Media Secretary

– Proposed by Barry Snarr.
– Seconded by Jeff Lane

3) Matters Arising

  • Letter received previously from a local resident – the chairman revisited a letter received from a resident previously, and the committee unanimously agreed that this was to be discussed as a private matter with the resident in question. 

Action : Barry Snarr to meet with resident to discuss in private.

  • Going Green project – Proposal to look into a Community Electric point for vehicles 

 Action : Barry Snarr to discuss with Landlord

  • Dawn Gelder & Simon Lemm were personally thanked for their work to the village work schedule of repairing & re-erecting of the flag poles, repair & refurbishment to the railway bench situated on the green and taking responsibility for clearing the allotment plots 1-2.
  • Hilly & Dawn were thanked for addressing the sign in the car park to make it more visible for visitors and residents.

4) Committee Membership and Roles 

The Chairman advised us of the value of our roles as committee members and expressed the importance of continuing to grow new membership hence the reason for Dawn joining in her new role. 

Allan Percy resigned as Treasurer and the Chairman in his absence thanked him for his contribution and wished him every success in his future venture. 

As Allen had still been within the handover period taking over the role from Hilly Dobson, Hilly will now handover the role to the new Treasurer. 

It is anticipated that this transition will take approximately 6 weeks from the 24th July 2022 Niesha Snarr is then proposed as the new Treasurer. 

– Proposed by Barry Snarr
– Accepted by all the Committee


Report by Hilly Dobson ( Acting Treasurer ) informed us that the current  

Community bank balance is £13603.40 & Petty cash £88.45 

Ukraine Appeal 

  •  Currently we have £240.00 in raised funds to support Ukrainian families
  • Ukraine support – this will be continued and the focus will be to support local Ukraine families in the village.
  • Hilly Dobson & George Tomlin to visit a local village to meet settled Ukraine families to help build relationships and gain greater understanding of how we can assist moving forward. 

Action: Hilly Dobson & George Tomlin to feedback to the committee


The Chairman gave us an update of current projects from reports compiled by George Tomlin (Project Manager )

  •  Carpark – All contracts have been signed and in place for the green shed and the allotment plots 1-2 
  •  Currently awaiting an update regarding a grant for the redecoration for the reading rooms internal décor and new front door. A sub committee to be set up involving Hilly Dobson, Niesha Snarr & Dawn Gelder.

Action : Sub Committee to report back on proposals 

  • Bid Monies, registered our interest with ACRE regarding the jubilee funds to support the village halls. It is intended if we are successful to use the grant monies to further enhance the reading rooms green credentials ie : reduce our carbon foot print and possible smart meter to monitor electric usage. 

Action : To be progressed by George Tomlin if register of interest.

  •  Carpark entrance – Charles Wyvill made a suggestion to offer support of the use of the estate machinery to address the incline of the slope on entrance/exit of the car park.  This will be an ongoing project. 

Action : Barry Snarr to obtain quotes from local firms & compare prices to include/ exclude support from Charles.

  • Proposal put forward to address the entrance of the field adjacent to Mill Lane when used for a carpark for forthcoming events.

Action : Barry Snarr to discuss with Land Lord 

  •  Future projects – discussed the possibility of installing WIFI and PayPoint for card usage in the reading room. 

Action : Barry Snarr & Niesha Snarr to explore costs and reasonability.

7) Social Media Update 

Following discussions within the village it was identified that more could be done to engage with and support the residents via social Media. 

PHASE 1 – A new What’s App group has been set up for the ladies of the village called the Honey Bee’s this is to share information, request help and general communication within the village. Dawn & Niesha have started to call at homes and distributing information about the group 

Action : Dawn Gelder & Niesha Snarr to co-ordinate and fulfil administration for the group. 

PHASE 2 – Creation of a Facebook page for the residents to use and share information both within & external to the village

Action : Dawn & Niesha to set up FaceBook profile & act as administrators

PHASE 3 – A letter to be sent to all residents informing them of ways to keep in touch and communicate. 

Action : Barry Snarr to write letters and distribute

8) Any Other Business 

Kathy Ayers on behalf of Stuart Ayers requested an update on the progress of the wooden sleepers situated on the road in front of Village Farm. The committee agreed this would be discussed when convenient as not considered to pose any danger as there are 2 hazard cones in place to detract oncoming traffic. 

Action: Barry Snarr to discuss with residents of Village Farm.

  •  Update on forthcoming events including the picnic for the launch of the new play equipment for the children – this is being organised by Honey Bee’s

    Action : Barry or Hilly to follow up regarding a date for the play equipment to be installed to allow the Honey Bee’s to firm up the final arrangements.

  •  Reading Rooms Lawn Mower to be repaired, 

        Action : Hilly & Barry to organise this.

  • The Electric EXIT emergency sign situated in the ReadingRoom has been fixed and the alarm is in full working order.
  • Barry Snarr to organize the annual health & safety audit on the reading room and grounds. 

Action : Niesha Snarr to provide a Health & safety Tool for Barry Snarr to complete the audit.

  • Honey Bee’s Whats app to locate resident first aiders for the village. 

Action : Dawn Gelder to collate a list of volunteers to add to the Audit.

  • It was agreed that the Duck Race will take place on the Sunday  28thaugust 2022   1pm to 5pm 

Action : Hilly Dobson & Dawn Gelder to produce flyers for PR purposes.

Next Meeting – scheduled Wednesday 10th  August 7pm

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