Minutes of Meeting – Friday 21st October 2022

Constable Burton Reading Room 
Minutes of Meeting
Friday 21st October 2022  18:30pm

Present: Hilly Dobson – Vice Chairman and Chair to the Meeting
              Charles Wyvill – Patron
              Niesha Snarr – Treasurer
              JDawn Gelder – Secretary to the meeting

Apologies: Barry Snarr – Chair to the Reading Room Committee due to testing positive for covid.

In Attendance : George Tomlin – Project Manager
              Steve and Jenny Shaw – Members of the community
              Simon Lemm – Member of the community
              Moira Edington – Member of the community

  1. Agenda
    1. The agenda for the meeting was published on the 16th Oct 22.
  2. Pre-Agenda Statement – Village Footpath.
    1. The meeting was informed that D’Arcy Wyvill had, just prior to the meeting, extended an invitation to the community to attend a meeting to discuss the proposed creation of a footpath between the Wyvill Arms and the village. The meeting was to be held on Wednesday 26th Oct 22 commencing at 7pm.
    2. There was obvious disappointment expressed by those in attendance but, as explained by Charles Wyvill, the matter would be fully discussed at the proposed meeting as then they would be able to discuss issues directly with D’Arcy Wyvill. It was also explained that the Reading Room Committee Meeting was not the appropriate forum for this matter. The main purpose of the Reading Room Committee is to oversee and maximise the use of the Reading Room, organise and run events to benefit the local community and fundraise to support community improvements. Following further brief discussion, it was suggested that if the meeting on Wednesday did not resolve matters, then it would be the Planning Authorities that should be approached and not the Reading Room Committee.
    3. The Secretary to the meeting/Committee Social Media Secretary subsequently excused herself from the meeting. 
    4. George Tomlin agreed to minute the meeting.
    5. Attending members from the community were given the opportunity to stay for the rest of the meeting or to withdraw from the meeting. Attendees then left the meeting.
    6. Items in the agenda were then considered in the order of the main paragraphs as detailed below.
  3. Minutes. The Chair confirmed that all members had read the minutes of the last meeting held on the 10th Aug 22 and that they were a true reflection of proceedings. The minutes were accepted unanimously:
    1. Proposed. Charles Wyvill.
    2. Seconded. Niesha Snarr.
    3. Matters Arising.
      1. Apology. With reference to a letter of complaint that had been discussed at the previous committee meeting Barry Snarr had provided the following statement for the minutes, which read:

        Following the previous meeting it was agreed by the Committee that the issues raised in the complaint were a private matter and should be dealt with accordingly. A meeting with the complainant was undertaken on the 16th Aug 22.

        Mr Snarr discussed the outstanding matters with the complainant and apologised for any misunderstandings that may have been caused and leading to the complaint. The complainant was happy with his apology, shook hands and agreed that the matter was closed on the understanding that the apology was minuted.”
      2. Wifi. The Chair to the Committee had now discussed the proposal that the Reading Room should be equipped with wifi with D’Arcy Wyvill, who agreed that this would benefit the local community. The proposal was now to be costed and next steps determined.
      3. Field Carpark. D’Arcy Wyvill had agreed to the entrance of the field carpark being adjusted to allow easier access. This was to be costed and next steps determined.
      4. 1st Aiders. Niesha Snarr reported that:
        1. 1st Aiders within the village had been identified and Niesha had approached St John’s Ambulance with the possibility that the organisation might provide advice to 1st aiders.
        2. As the Reading Room is the Designated Emergency Centre for the Parish Council and Public, Niesha had been looking at how to improve resources to support people who may be required to provide first aid or emergency care in the Reading Room. It was proposed that a visual/audio 1st Aid instructional pack should be obtained for the Reading Room. The Committee agreed that this would be worthwhile, and Niesha agreed to order this. 
      5. Going Green. The proposal that the Reading Room carpark should be equipped with an electrical vehicle (EV) charger (paper submitted at a previous meeting by NH). This had now been discussed between the Chair to the Committee and D’Arcy Wyvill and D’Arcy was in full support of the initiative and could see that this may be of great benefit to the villagers who did not have private driveways and therefore were not able to install their own personal Home EV Chargers, and to village visitors. DDR Electrical Ltd had subsequently met with Barry Snarr and provided advice. Such an installation would have cost implications, however grants for partial funding may be available and DDR would assist with funding applications and registration.
  4. Financial Report. 
    1. The Chair to the meeting submitted the following account [bottom of page]:
    2. Charles Wyvill said that he would assist with the funding for the Memorial Bench. He, Barry Snarr and George Tomlin should consider the sourcing and design of the bench and its siting on the Green.
  5. Current Projects. George Tomlin reported that:
    1. Main Hall and Porch.
      1. Jamie Bull, painter and decorator, had agreed to paint the main hall and porch at the cost of his original quotation of £1,774, of which £443 had been paid on deposit. He would commence this work on the 30th Jan 23.
      2. Prior to Mr Bull commencing work the sub-committee must decide upon the colour scheme.
      3. A meeting with Mr Bull is to be arranged by the Chair to the Committee for the beginning of January.
      4. Emma Mills had agreed to paint around her mural in the children’s corner.
    2. Front Door and Door Frame.
      1. A revised quote had been received from David Ward, carpenter/joiner, of £2,220. This is an increase of £100 on his original quote which had been received almost 12 months ago. The meeting confirmed that he should be invited to undertake the work.
      2. George Tomlin confirmed that the door and frame would be of oiled oak with black furnishings.
    3. Funding
      1. A grant of £1,000 had been received from the Locality Budget controlled by our Councillor, Mr Tom Jones. Mr Jones would also like to visit the Reading Room once the work is commenced.
      2. A request to the Darlington Building Society’s 5% Pledge Fund had also been submitted for £2,994. If approved this amount plus that from the Locality Budget would cover the total cost the painting and the front door. In the event that the request is rejected then the outstanding amount would be met from Reading Room funds.
  6. Social Media Update. As the Social Media Secretary had left the meeting Niesha Snarr reported in her absence that:
    1. The Honey Bees WhatsApp Group was working well and had been used to discuss and develop events such as the opening of the new playground equipment, provide access to the support for each other, and sharing of pertinent information that others may find useful.
    2. The Facebook page was still to be created.
  7. Events Update. Hilly Dobson, as Event Co-ordinator, reported that:
    1. Afternoon Teas. The last of the Afternoon Teas currently planned would be held on Sunday 23rd October.
    2. Winter Warmers. Winter Warmers would commence on Sunday 27th November 12-4pm.
    3. Fish and Chips. The fish and chip van planned for Saturday 22nd October between 5-6pm was confirmed.
    4. Halloween
      1. A flier was to be delivered detailing the arrangements for Halloween but included were prizes for costume, best pumpkin carving and best decorated coconut!
      2. Timings were to be commencing at 5-5.30pm.
      3. A supper of hot dogs and onions or jacket potato at a cost £2 per head would be provided. Children would also receive a toffee apple.
    5. Christmas Decorations. It was stated that Saturday 3rd December would be a ‘work day’ putting up the Christmas lights, decorations and creating Santa’s Grotto in the Reading Room.
    6. Mince Pies and Mulled Wine
      1. Mince pies, mulled wine and chestnuts would be available in the carpark on Saturday 17th Dec at 2-5pm.
      2. Santa will be in his grotto from 4.30pm. Bookings could be made through Hilly Dobson or any other member of the committee at £5 per child.
    7. Appreciation. Niesha Snarr thanked Hilly Dobson and all the other helpers/volunteers for all their hard work in delivering the events programme and helping it to successfully evolve as new ideas/initiatives were added that may benefit the community.
  8. Any Other Business.
    1. Governance and Constitution. No topic was raised for discussion.
    2. Village Information. See ‘Matters Arising’.
    3. Social Events. A report on the Summer Fayre is attached.
    4. Warm Room Initiative.
      1. With the cost of fuel and electricity ‘rocketing’, a long with the cost of living, it was decided that a ‘Warm Room’ would be established in the Reading Room commencing on Tuesday 1st Nov 10-2pm. This also coincides with the Pop-up Shop selling produce.
      2. Available would be free tea and coffee and potentially soup and rolls. It was intended that local businesses be approached to provide some of the refreshments.
      3. A delivery of wood logs had been offered from the Yorkshire Charcoal Company and other sources for fuel were to be investigated.
      4. If successful this initiative would be repeated every Tuesday through the winter until further notice.
    5. Chairman’s Letter (Police Initiative). In the absence of Barry Snarr it was reported by Niesha Snarr that useful information regarding security within Constable Burton would be obtained from the Community Officer. This information would be distributed at a future date.
    6. After Note.
      1. The village had said farewell to Mandy and Jeff Lane of School House. We wished them all the best in their new home and thanked them for the contribution they made to village life.
      2. We welcomed Mike Hale and daughter Lauren Hale to our community, in School House.
      3. Also welcomed to the village are Vida, Tim and son Fox, new residents of Park Gate House. 
  9. Date of Next Meeting. The next Reading Room Committee Meeting will be held on Wednesday 14th December 2022 at 6:30pm.
  10. Meeting Closed. The meeting closed at 7.20pm.

George Tomlin 22nd October 2022
Acting-Secretary, to the
Reading Room Committee Meeting
Mobile: 07773031874

All Committee Members.
Constable Burton Website.
Village Notice Board.

Report on the Summer Fair 2022.


All, my apologies for non-attendance, but due to Covid restrictions I must isolate.

As you will see from the aforementioned agenda a number of points have been raised through the Committee’s

Social/Media Secretary and these had been added to the agenda.

Due to the early departure of the Secretary and myself not being able to attend, these points were not discussed.

It is my intention that these are transferred onto the next agenda and commented on accordingly.

Again, please accept my apologies and thank you for all your help and support, particularly through the Honeybees

to Niesha.



  1. Yet another successful event thank you to everyone who helped in the preparations for the day. And thank you to the 30 helpers who ran the various activities and stalls on the day.
  2. Enormous thanks go to our local businesses for generously sponsoring and subsidising the event as they have done year on year. The businesses involved were:
    1. Wensleydale Railway.
    2. One Stop supermarket.
    3. Campbell’s.
    4. Halls Family Butcher.
    5. The Co-op.
    6. Tennant’s Auction House.
    7. Taplin and Magee Distillery.
    8. Milner’s Milliners.
    9. Wensleydale Art Gallery and Framers.
    10. The Forbidden Corner.
    11. Carricks of Snape.
    12. Brymor Ice Cream Parlour.
    13. Empire Cinema Catterick.
    14. Costa Coffee, Catterick.
    15. Wickstead Play Equipment Ltd.
    16. Posthorn Café, Leyburn.
  3. A very big thank you also goes to all of those residents who donated prizes for the raffle and the tombola. Also to those who baked so many delicious cakes. Thank you all.
  4. The Duck Race could not go ahead and be so successful without the efforts of the Duck Marshalls Simon Lemm and visitor Tony from the Wirral.
  5. Thank you to Tony Knowles for the loan of his marquis and to Fingal Barrel Push, through Howard Smith, for the loan of the coconut-shy supports.
  6. Mike Philipson is thanked for promoting the page on the Village Website and for recording the event with photographs. 📷
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Hilly Dobson 22nd October 2022
Event Coordinator to the
Reading Room Committee

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