Minutes of Meeting – 10th August 2022

Constable Burton Reading Room 
Minutes of Meeting
Wednesday 10th August 2022  19:00pm

Present: Barry Snarr – Chairman
                Hilly Dobson – Vice Chairman 
                Niesha Snarr
                Jeff Lane 
                Dawn Gelder 

Attendees:  Simon Lemm

Apologies: Charles Wyvill 



1 ) The Chairman asked if the Minutes of the last meeting were a true reflection of the meeting 

       –  Proposed by Hilly Dobson
       –  seconded by Niesha Snarr

2) Matters Arising

            a.   The Committee expressed their condolences to the family of Keith Loadman and how saddened they are of his passing on 4th July 2022. He will be forever missed.

The Wake for Keith was held at the Reading Room on the 5th August.  The Reading Room committee were very proud to host the event for Keiths family and close friends. Judi Loadman thanked those who providing the catering and hosted the event and said that it was very much appreciated by the family. 

Following a discussion with Judi it was agreed that a memorial bench to be situated on the village green of Constable Burton as a tribute to Keith. The committee are currently exploring all possible options and costings.  Once the bench is purchased it will be installed in a suitable position. 


The Chairman stated due to Annual leave and Family commitments some previous actions have been delayed.

Outstanding Actions : 

      a.    Car park entrance – Barry Snarr still to obtain quotes and costings for the work.

       b.    Wifi – Barry Snarr to meet with landlord to discuss 

       c.    Field Entrance – Barry Snarr to discuss with the landlord 

       d.     Health Safety Audit of the Reading Room to be completed by Barry Snarr by end of the year

      e.    First Aiders, Dawn has now collated the names for the first aid positions to support the village if any event arises and the names will be situated in the notice board by the car park and a meeting is to be held with the first aiders so important information can be discussed regarding the first aid equipment and access to the defibrillator

Action – Niesha to plan a meeting for the resident First Aiders. 

IMPORTANT : Access Code – for the defibrillator is situated by the side of the daily paper box outside the reading room. this is only to be used once you have call 999 first. 

        f.    Hilly Dobson is currently in the process of formally handing over the Treasurer role to Niesha Snarr and it is expected that the transition period will  complete the 4th September 2022 

      g.    With reference to the letter of complaint received from a local resident, it was agreed by the committee that this should be dealt with privately by the Chairman and the resident. Due to holiday commitments the meeting has been delayed. 

Action – Barry Snarr to arrange meeting.


Report by Hilly Dobson ( Acting treasurer ) 

Informed us that the current  Community bank balance is £13799.12 inclusive of Petty cash £171.92. 

4) Ukraine Appeal 

  • Currently £321 in raised funds to support Ukrainian families
  • Ukraine support – this will be continued and the focus will be to support local Ukraine families in the village.
  • Hilly Dobson & George Tomlin visited the local community centre in the nearby village to obtain a better understanding of the needs required of the Ukrainian families and offered our support where possible in the future.


        a.The Chairman made the committee aware that unfortunately the Grant application for the redecoration of the reading room internally has been rejected by Richmond County Council. George Tomlin has made a further application through ACRE. 

George Tomlin has also written to Tom Jones ( our local councillor ) requesting assistance with funding. 

        b.   Going Green Project, The proposal to site an Electric vehicle charging point. Awaiting the meeting with D’Arcy Wyvill 

Action – Barry to arrange meeting with D’Arcy.

        c.   The new Play Equipment is now finally in situ with continued persistence from the Chairman & Vice Chair. 

The Committee want to say a big Thankyou to both Mr Charles Wyvill & Mrs Maggie Wyvill for officially opening the play area. 

The Committee want to also say a big THANK YOU to everyone who organised the party in the park event. 

Special Thanks goes to Kylie Ford & Emma Mills for planning the event and making it a resounding success for the children. 

6) Social Media Update 

    a.   Primary focus to build a social media platform for the village. 

PHASE 1 – Honey Bee’s Whats App group has been very successful and will continue to be used to communicate with the ladies of the village. We have recently had some new participants join. Thankyou to every one who has joined and hope you are finding it useful. 

PHASE 2 – Creation of a Facebook page, Niesha & Dawn to address in the near future. 

PHASE 3 – A letter to be sent to all residents informing them about the different ways to keep in touch and communicate. The aim is to encourage residents to feel less isolated & engage with developments and activities within the village 

Action – Barry Snarr to complete letter and distribute 

       b. The Afternoon Tea on the 30th July was successful and well advertised however low numbers attended. On reflection this clashed with the final of the Lady’s ENGLAND football match.  Future planning of these will factor in other events so as to not coincide wherever possible. 

7) Any Other Business 

      a.   Due to the Reading Room being unsuccessful in obtaining a Grant for the internal decoration it was agreed by all in attendance that the funds held currently in the reading room fund are to be used for the redecoration and updating of the internal decor. 

8 ) Summer Gala /Fayre 28th August 

Starts at 1pm 

Prize giving at 4pm 

Hilly Dobson (The Master of Ceremonies) 

Informed us of the planned event and everyones roles for the day who has kindly volunteered to support on the day.

The Committee felt very excited about the plans as it sounds like it is going to be a very special event hope it will be well attended by residents including family and friends.

Next Meeting – scheduled week commencing 19th September 2022 date to be confirmed

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