Minutes of an Extraordinary Meeting – Monday 28th September 2020


Constable Burton Reading Room Minutes
of an Extraordinary Meeting
Held in the Reading Room
Monday 28th September 2020 at 10.30am

Present:George TomlinChair
Hilly DobsonSecretary to the meeting
Jeff LaneReading Room Committee Member
Stuart AyersCommittee Member
Keith LoadmanDeputy Chair to the Parish Council
apologies:Jason Dixon
  1. Agenda. The agenda for the meeting was published on the 18th Sep 20. Items in the agenda were considered in the order of the main paragraphs as detailed below.
  2. Minutes. Minutes of the meeting held on the 24th Aug 20 were accepted unanimously:
    1. Proposed. Jeff Lane.
    2. Seconded. Hilly Dobson
    3. Matters Arising:
      1. Children’s Play Area.
        1. The Children’s Play Area remains open with signs re covid-19 guidelines displayed.
        2. The 2 new replacement seats are still to arrive. Their acquisition and installation is a matter for the Parish Council and RDC.
      2. Summer Picnic
        1. The account for the Summer Picnic is attached. Given the circumstances the event was enjoyable and an very successful. Thanks goes to all who attended and in particular to the following for their hard work on the day and before:
          Hilly Dobson, Mandy and Jeff Lane, Leslie Egglestone, Carol and Jason Dixon, George Tomlin, Natalie Johnson, Judi and Keith Loadman, Charles and Maggie Wyvill, Toni Blacklaws, Cheryl Reilly and daughter, Stephen Hills.
        2. Yorkshire Air Ambulance. A donation of £283 will be sent to Yorkshire Air Ambulance.
  3. The Reading Room as Affected by the Pandemic.
    1. Given the deteriorating situation nationally and the ‘Rule of 6’ the meeting agreed the facility should remain closed for the purposes of private hire.
    2. The chair reported that a communication from our insurers had been received which said that as the Room is closed to the public it is treated as an ‘unoccupied’ building for insurance purposes. However, for the duration of the pandemic the building’s insurance will remain valid providing:
      1. It is inspected on a weekly basis and log of such inspections is maintained.
      2. Immediately repair, or arrange to repair, any defects found in the buildings, including removal of graffiti, and in any security or alarm or fire protection installations.
      3. All waste from inside or outside of the building is removed.
      4. The doors and windows are locked and secured.
  4. Accounts. Hilly Dobson in capacity as acting treasurer presented the accounts.
    1. Petty Cash. From petty cash £1,030 has been banked leaving the total of petty cash held by the treasurer at £15.75p.
    2. Balances.
      1. Opening Balance. £1,796.38 as @ 30th March 2020.
      2. Closing Balance. £12,474.79 as @ 28th Sep 2020.
    3. Over-Spend. The cost of the bedding plants and baskets resulted in an over-spend of £10.98 by Hilly Dobson. Jeff Lane proposed that she should be reimbursed to this amount to which the meeting agreed.
    4. Future Income and Expenditure
      1. The chair stated that while the bank balance appeared to be exceptionally healthy at the present time he warned that there would be considerable expenditure on renovation of the toilet block and installation of double glazing. He also warned that in the current covid-19 circumstances there would be little opportunity to generate income for the indefinite future.
      2. While the renovation is to be financed from the RDC Government Covid Grant additional funding would be sort to support the reglazing.
  5. Committee Members.
    1. Publication. In accordance with the Reading Room Committee’s constitution the names of committee members names and appointments will be published in the Village Notice Board.
    2. Contact Details. The contact details of each committee member will be distributed to the members to facilitate communication between meetings.
    3. New Members. The chair asked that other members of the community should be encouraged by committee members to join the committee. In particular a treasurer and secretary are needed.
    4. Apology. The chair offered an apology to Cathy Ayres who had attended the first Extraordinary Meeting on the 6th July and was recorded as being a member of the Reading Room Committee. Cathy attended as a member of the community.
  6. The Reading Room Committee’s Constitution. 
    1. The Reading Room Committee’s Constitution was re-written in 2016. In it there is no mention of trustees, their function or relationship to the committee. To this end the chair intends that a revised version of the constitution is produced for approval at the next meeting.
    2. Currently the trustees are Mr Keith Loadman and Mr George Sledge with only the former taking an active part on the committee. Keith Loadman will ask Mr Sledge if he is to be resigned from the list of trustees.
  7. Forthcoming Events.
    1. Halloween.
      1. As ‘Trick or Treat’ cannot be conducted this year due to coronavirus, Emma Mills has suggested that a pumpkin trail should be created throughout the village. The trail can be followed by individual families and treats may be left by the pumpkins.
      2. The committee has suggested that there should be prizes for the best pumpkins carved by children. Emma is to be asked to judge the contributions.
      3. Details will be published on the website and in the Village Notice Board.
    2. Christmas.
      1. Carol singing of the situation permits. Currently this is unlikely.
      2. Christmas Raffle.
      3. Children’s Christmas Card competition. Details will be published on the website and on the Village Notice Board.
    3. Other Events. Committee members and members of the community were asked to think of other events that might be organised given current restrictions.
  8. Renovations and Builders’ Quotations.
    1. The chair distributed to the committee both a resume of the builders’ quotations, which is attached, and the details of their submissions. Each quotation received was considered less that:
      1. At Serial 3 submitted by Tom Willoughby Ltd which was considered to be unrealistic.
      2. And at Serial 7 submitted by Lifetime who can only provide PVC double glazing.
    2. The chair asked committee members to take the quotations away with them for further consideration. In doing this they were asked to discuss them with other members of the community. 
    3. The renovation should be considered in 3 stages:
      1. Replacement of the toilet block roof, repair of the ceiling, installation of 3 hot air hand driers and the possibility of replacing the light fittings.
      2. Covering the internal walls either by plastering or another unspecified covering to modernise the block. Existing pipes and fittings are a problem with regard to this and to be considered.
      3. Replacement of the current windows and frames with double glazing and frames of bespoke wood (Accoya). This is ‘greener’ and will provide for long term savings.
    4. It was suggested that Biker Ltd should be approached for an additional quotation for the windows. The chair agreed to do this.
    5. The chair was asked to research previous work carried out by Hauxwell Construction which had submitted a very favourable and comprehensive quotation. (After note: A resume of the career of Michael Molinski, of Hauxwell Construction, has been received and distributed to members of the committee.)
    6. Planning Permission. An application for planning permission has been submitted to RDC at a cost of £128.
    7. Financing.
      1. It was agreed that the renovation of the toilet block should be paid for from the £10,000 Government covid-19 grant.
      2. Double glazing would similarly be paid for from the same grant but that additional funding would be needed and to be applied for.
    8. Boiler Flue. Some of the quotes include a re-positioning of the boiler flue. Its current proximity is contrary to current building regulations. Re-positioning of the flue produces additional problems of insulation and dispersal of fumes which may inflict on our neighbour. It was decided that instead of repositioning the flue that the oil tank should be moved away from the flue when this is possible and on a self-help basis.
    9. Thermostat. Michael Percival, plumber, has been asked to install a thermostat in the main hall next to the heating controls. This will reduce the need for manual ignition of the boiler. The estimate for this is £75 – 100.
  9. Any Other Business.
    1. Greenhouse. The request by Jeanette Boult to erect a greenhouse on the grassed area at the rear of the carpark was agreed to. It was confirm that the structure would be non-permanent and of glass. No charge would be made for this although a voluntary contribution the Reading Room funds would be appreciated. In addition, in return, it was requested that the grassed area  should be kept tidy by Jeanette.
    2. Committee’s Thanks. An email has been sent to Mr A G Cape, by the chair on behalf of the committee, to thank him for auditing the accounts for 2019/20.
    3. Temporary Roof Covering. It was suggested that the roof of the toilet block should have a temporary covering placed over to prevent further damage. The suggestion will be considered if there is a delay in the proposed renovation starting.
    4. Builders’ Rubbish. It was requested that the builders currently working in the village should asked to secure their rubbish. Currently in high winds rubbish is being blown out of the skips.
    5. Gent’s Urinals. The flushing mechanism to the gent’s urinals has been repaired. Thanks to the son-in-law of Jeff Lane.
    6. Cupboard Door. A cupboard door in the kitchen was in need of repair. Jeff Lane said that he would fix it.
  10. Date of Next Meeting. A date was set for the fifth Extraordinary Meeting as Monday 26th October 2020 at 6pm in the Reading Room. This will be brought forward if progress is made in finding a suitable builder and quote for renovation work to begin.
  11. Meeting Closed. The meeting closed at 11.40am.
George Tomlin
Chairman to the
Reading Room Committee
29th September 2020


  1. Summer Picnic Account.
  2. Resume of Builders’ Quotations.


Attachment 1

To Reading Room Minutes

Dated 29th Sep 20




Duck Sales£275
BBQ£ 58
Tombola£ 67
Cake£ 24
Individual donations£140
End of Summer Raffle£ 82
Sub-total£646 as @ 28 Sep 20
Hall’s Butcher’s burgers£ 60
Winstanley’s Hazard tape£ 6.75
Hilly Dobson Cleaning products£ 6
Sub-total£ 72.75
Net Profit£573.25 as @ 28 Sep 20

Attachment 2

To Reading Room Minutes

Dated 29th Sep 20

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