Minutes Of an Extraordinary Meeting Held in the Reading Room on Monday 24th August 2020 at 10.30am

Constable Burton Reading Room Minutes
of an Extraordinary Meeting
Held in the Reading Room
Monday 24th August 2020 at 10.30am

Present George Tomlin Chair
Hilly Dobson Secretary to the meeting
Carole Dixon Representing Jason Dixon Reading Room Committee
Member Jeff Lane Reading Room Committee Member
Keith Loadman Deputy Chair to the Parish Council

  1. Agenda.
    1. The agenda for the meeting was published on the 19th Aug 20. Items in the agenda were considered in the order of the main paragraphs as detailed below.
  2. Minutes. Minutes of the meeting held on the 3rd Aug 20 were accepted unanimously:
    1. Proposed. Jeff Lane.
    2. Seconded. Keith Loadman.
    3. Matters Arising.
      1. Election of Committee Members.
      2. Hilly Dobson stood down as chair to the Reading Committee.
        1. George Tomlin accepted the nomination as chair to the Reading Committee as proposed in the meeting of the 3rd Aug 20. There were no objections.
        2. Hilly Dobson was nominated as vice-chair to the Reading Committee. Proposed Jeff Lane, seconded Keith Loadman. There were no objections.
      3. Tidying Children’s Play Area. The chair reported that the grass within the children’s play area had been cut and tidied.
      4. Progress with Renovations and Funding
        1. The chair reported that while a further 4 builders had visited the Reading Room (now a total of 6) only one quote had been received for the renovation of the toilet block. One quote only has also been received with respect to the installation of double glazing. It would appear that after ‘lockdown’ builders are now incredibly busy on other jobs.
        2. Funding. The chair report that funding for the toilet block, in the short term, is unlikely. Sources are either limited by date deadlines which have now been missed, or by donation of funds to covid-19 projects only. If a suitable builder can be found then it was agreed that part of the covid grant received earlier in the year would be used to fund the renovation of the toilet block.
  3. Developments with Respect of the Governments Lifting of Restrictions.
    1. Constable Burton Volunteer Support Group.
      1. A vote of thanks was given to the members of the CBVSG for the support they have given to the community over the past 6 months.
      2. It is intended that the group will continue to support the community until it is no longer needed. To this end a new roster to cover the next 3 months is being produced.
    2. Reading Room. The meeting was unanimous in agreeing that the Reading Room should remain closed for public hire.
    3. Children’s Play Area.
      1. The chair stated that the community appears to be increasingly polarised over the question of re-opening the play area on a division of 50:50. He also distributed the Government Guidelines on the management of playgrounds.
      2. After some discussion it was decided that the area should be re-opened as:
        1. People have now learned what precautions are necessary and the routine required to stay as safe as is possible from the corona virus.
        2. Current scientific advice suggests that while the virus can survive on some hard surfaces this is less so outdoors where it is subject to UV light and rain.
        3. Those at risk are unlikely to come into contact with the children and parents who use the play area. This applies to both members of our community and to those who may visit our village to use the facility.
        4. It is now considered safe for children to go back to school as they are unlikely to pass on the virus.
        5. Our play area must one of the very few not yet re-opened.
      3. It was therefore agreed that the fencing should be removed and notices replaced with guidance on the safe use of the facility.
      4. We are still awaiting replacement seats for the larger swings.
  4. Summer Picnic.
    1. Names of Helpers and Events. These are now confirmed as:
      1. The Duck Draws – Hilly Dobson
      2. 1960’s Fancy Dress judges – Kate Wyvill
      3. Scarecrow Trail Judges – Jason and Carole Dixon
      4. Tombola With-a-Difference – Jeff Lane and Keith Loadman
      5. Guess the Weight of the Cake – Stephen Hills and Judy Loadman
      6. No Frills BBQ – George Tomlin, Natalie and Andy Johnson
      7. Children’s Drawing Competition – Mandy Lane and Leslie Eggleston
      8. Quiz – Jason Dixon
      9. Music – Jeff Lane and George Tomlin
      10. Prize Giving – Charles Wyvill assisted by Hilly Dobson
    2. Prizes. The list of prizes previously published and distributed is confirmed less the first prize for the Children’s Dry Duck Draw. A suitable substitute will be sourced if necessary.
    3. Setting Up. It was agreed that preparations for the Picnic will be made on Saturday 29th Aug starting at 10am. As much help as possible was requested.
    4. Covid Precautions. It was emphasised that Government laws and guidelines must be observed at all times. Attention was drawn to the following:
      1. Observance of social distancing at all times including not only the event itself but when preparing for it and cleaning-up afterwards.
      2. Signage.
      3. Use of gloves, masks if required, and sanitiser.
      4. That their should be nothing to encourage people to group together, including prize giving. Prizes will be collected from a table when names are announced.
      5. Toilets. A one-way system will be in operation in the Reading Room.
      6. Seating. People were encouraged to bring with them their own seating arrangements to reduce sanitising requirements before and after the event.
      7. It was pointed out that none compliance with these guidelines could potentially result in a £10,000 fine!
      8. Vote of Thanks. A vote of thanks was given to Hilly Dobson for the amount of effort she has put in to making the Picnic happen.
  5. Any Other Business. The chair thanked those present for their attendance. He also asked that all committee members might think about other events which might held between now and Christmas including Halloween and Carol Singing.
  6. Date of Next Meeting. A date was set for the fourth Extraordinary Meeting as Monday 28th September 2020 at 10.30am in the Reading Room.
  7. Meeting Closed. The meeting closed at 11.10am.
George Tomlin
Chairman to the
Reading Room Committee
21st July 2020

After meeting note:
The first prize for the Children’s Dry Duck Draw has been replaced with a Cheatwell’s Family Race Night DVD.

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