Minutes Of an Extraordinary Meeting Held in the Reading Room Monday 3rd August 2020 at 10.30am

Constable Burton Reading Room MinutesOf an Extraordinary Meeting Held in the Reading Room Monday 3rd August 2020 at 10.30am

Present: George Tomlin – Chair
    Hilly Dobson – Secretary to the meeting
    Stewart Ayers – Reading Room Committee Member
    Jason Dixon – Reading Room Committee Member
    Jeff Lane – Reading Room Committee Member

  1. Agenda.
    1. The agenda for the meeting was published on the 20th Jul 20. Items in the agenda were considered in the order of the main paragraphs as detailed below.
  2. Minutes. Minutes of the meeting held on the 6th Jul 20 were accepted unanimously:
    1. Proposed. Jason Dixon. Seconded. Jeff Lane. Matters Arising. There were no matters arising.
  3. Developments with Respect of the Governments Lifting of Restrictions.
    1. The meeting was unanimous in agreeing that the Reading Room should remain closed for public hire and the Children’s Play Area should remain fenced off.
    2. Cleaning Guidelines.
      1. A guide to cleaning and sanitising of the Reading Room has been produced and was distributed to the meeting. (A copy is available for reading in the notice board). Copies are available for cleaners in the Reading Room which are to be signed and dated when cleaning and sanitisation has been completed.
      2. Volunteers are needed to assist with the cleaning and sanitisation.
      3. Aerosol sprays have been purchased for the sanitisation of soft furnishings.
    3. Tidying of Chidren’s Play Area.
      1. The Children’s Play Area will be strimmed and tidied on Thursday 6th Jul starting at 6pm. This will include tidying around the benches and trees on the Green.
      2. Use of Swings and Slides. It was pointed out that the swings and the slide have been used on several occasions even though they are fenced off. It was agreed that signs will be posted stating that the equipment is out of use. The swings will be tied up. It was accepted that if people wish to risk using the equipment against advice then they cannot be prevented from doing so.
  4. Reading Room Renovation and Repairs.
    1. Several builders have been approached to provide quotations for:
      1. The repair of the roof to the toilet block. This is now in urgent need of repair as the ceiling is in a state of collapse. In addition other water damage and rot may yet be revealed.
      2. Replacement of the windows with double-glazing. Quotations for both PVC and bespoke wooden frames are being requested.
      3. Re-commissioning of the boiler which does not currently operate without manual ignition. In addition the vent needs to be moved away from the oil tank. This will be re-routed through the roof.
    2. Quotations.
      1. Currently one quotation of £3,700 has been received from Richmondshire Roofers for the re-roofing of the toilet block.
      2. One quotation of £5,160 has been received from Lifetime for the re-glazing of the windows with PVC frames.
      3. One further quote is currently awaited.
    3. Funding. It is intended that funding for the project should be met from the Government’s covid grant of £10,000 and funding will also be requested from:
      1. The Community Investment Fund which can provide sums between £1,000 to £50,000 at 70% of the total expenditure. This fund requires 3 quotes which, given the current circumstances, are proving difficult to obtain. An extension to the submission deadline has been requested.
      2. The Community Locality Budget.
      3. Area Partnership Fund.
      4. The National Lottery Fund is NOT currently, and until the foreseeable future, allocating funds to anything other than covid-19 projects.
    4. Other Repairs. It was pointed out that the gent’s urinals do not appear to be flushing and need to be repaired. Jeff Lane thought that he would be able to arrange for this to be looked at.
    5. Future Progress. It was agreed that pursuit of these repairs and renovations should continue with the toilet block being the priority. No commitment of expenditure would be made without the agreement of the Committee.
  5. Summer Fair 2020. Sunday 30th August 2020 1 – 5pm.
    1. It was agreed that the event this year should be called ‘The Summer Picnic
    2. A draft copy of proposed activities and prizes was distributed to the meeting. This will be published and distributed as a flier as soon as possible. It will be accompanied with a note on safety.
    3. Helpers are required for:
      1. The Duck Draws Hilly Dobson
      2. 1960’s Fancy Dress judges Jason and Carol Dixon
      3. Scarecrow Trail Judges Volunteers needed
      4. Tombola With-a-Difference Volunteers needed
      5. Guess the Weight of the Cake Volunteers needed
      6. No Frills BBQ George Tomlin, Natalie and Andy Johnson
      7. Children’s Drawing Competition Volunteers needed
    4. It was agreed that tombola numbers would cost £1 for 5 and that there would be 500 numbers.
    5. The value of donated prizes currently stands at a staggering £500!
    6. Wet Weather. It was agreed that there could be no wet weather programme due to covid-19. Cancellation on the day would be passed making use of the Constable Burton Volunteer Support Group and by word of mouth. A new date would be announced.
  6. Any Other Business.
    1. We have been advised by Richmondshire Council that the seats of the ‘adult’ swings must be replaced. Hilly Dobson will provide the seats from the council. Jeff Lane agreed to make the changes.
    2. It was pointed out that the Green is very much in need of mowing. In reply to the point it was said that the person responsible is aware but has been too busy to tend to it. He would be informed that work would be taking place on the Green Thu 6th Aug.
    3. Chairman to the Reading Room Committee.
      1. It was proposed that George Tomlin should be appointed to the Chair of the Reading Room Committee:
        1. Proposed Hilly Dobson.
        2. Seconded Jeff Lane.
      2. Hilly Dobson would step down to be appointed to Deputy Chair. A vote was not taken with the proposal being carried forward to the next meeting.
  7. Date of Next Meeting. A date was set for the Third Extraordinary Meeting as Monday 24th August 2020 at 10.30am in the Reading Room.
  8. Meeting Closed. The meeting closed at 11.30am.

Hilly Dobson         7th July 2020
Parish Councillor &
Response Coordinator
Mobile: 07942864354

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