Minutes of a Meeting Held in the Reading Room Friday 18th February 2022

Constable Burton Reading Room Minutes
of a Meeting
Held in the Reading Room
Friday 18th February 2022 at 6:30pm

Present:George TomlinChair
Hilly DobsonVice chair and Secretary to the meeting
Jeffrey LaneCommittee Member
Barry SnarrCommittee Member
Stewart AyersCommittee Member
Allen PerceyVolunteer
Niesha SnarrCommittee Member
Keith LoadmanTrustee
  1. Agenda. The agenda for the meeting was published on the 8th Feb 22.
  2. Minutes. The Chair confirmed that all members had read the minutes of the last Committee Meeting held on the 14th Jan 22 and that they were a true reflection of proceedings. The minutes were accepted unanimously:
    1. Proposed. Barry Snarr.
    2. Seconded. Hilly Dobson.
    3. Matters Arising. The Chair raised 3 points:
      1. Children’s Activity Area. Now complete and ready for use. Enormous thanks go to Emma Mills for the mural. Also to Barry Snarr for the work he carried out and for the items donated for use within the facility. Similarly thanks go to Imogen Wyvill for her donations.
      2. Storage Unit. The storage unit is now erected and in use. Hence the Reading Room is far less cluttered.
      3. Central Heating. The central heating has finally been fixed by the replacement of the heating control panel in the main hall and by the replacement of the coil and heating control within the boiler.
  3. Reading Room Insurance Renewal.
    1. The Reading Room insurance has been renewed wef the 31st Jan 22 with Ansvar Insurers at a cost of £263. This represented a saving of £153 on the original renewal quote with Allied Westminster.
    2. Those attending were provided with a copy of the schedule and were asked by the Chair to report on any item that might have been omitted from the cover.
  4. Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) and Circuit Testing. The Chair reported that PAT testing and a test of the Reading Room’s electrical circuits had been completed on the 28th Jan 22 by Fawcett Electricians.
  5. Financial Report.
    1. The acting treasurer reported that spending in the past month reached a total of £1177.25 with no income. A breakdown of the expenditure was provided to those attending.
    2. Balances as at 18th Feb 22:
      1. Bank. £14,258.11 TBC
      2. Petty Cash. £137.34
      3. Total. £14,395.45
  6. Draft Constitution.
    1. The Chair reported that the draft Constitution had been approved of by both Charles and D’Arcy Wyvill. A letter also approving the draft had been received from Tony Duff.
    2. Charles Wyvill had also made known that he would be both the Patron and the Nominated Member of the Family in accordance with the new Constitution. The document will therefore be signed by the Patron and by the Chair at the forthcoming AGM.
    3. Privacy Policy. After some discussion it was agreed that the Committee should have a privacy policy with regard to the privacy of the Reading Room Committee Members and that this should be the responsibility of the Secretary. A draft of such a policy was given to those who attended but with the comment from the Chair that it required editing to make it pertinent to the Reading Room.
    4. Insurance. It was agreed that the Treasurer should be responsible for the necessary insurance cover for the Committee.
    5. Amendments. The following two amendments were approved to be inserted into the new Constitution.
      1. Secretary. In the draft Constitution insert Paragraph 15.a.iii:
        1. ‘Maintain the Reading Room’s Privacy Policy and a record of Committee Members’ signatures agreeing to that policy’.
      2. Treasurer. : In the draft Constitution insert Paragraph 16.a.vi
        1. ‘In agreement with the Committee will maintain adequate insurance to cover the Committee members liabilities for the Reading Room’s activities’.
      3. Adoption of the New Constitution.
        1. The vote to adopt or reject the new Constitution, with no further amendment or discussion, will be taken at the next AGM.
        2. Future amendments to the Constitution may be made at the discretion of the Committee.
  7. Afternoon Teas.
    1. An Afternoon Tea will take place on Sunday 27th January from 2 – 5pm. It is then intended that teas will be held on a monthly basis.
    2. Committee members will assist in preparing the Reading Room on the Sunday morning as a private event will have taken place on the previous evening.
  8. Dinner Nights.
    1. It was suggested that ‘Dinner Nights’ might again take place as these had been successful in the past. Hilly Dobson said that they could be ‘themed’ evenings.
    2. No date was set for a Dinner Night.
  9. Reading Room Renovation.
    1. See Matters Arising.
    2. The Chair reported that he had requested a quote from Calverts of Leyburn for the replacement of the front door and frame to the Reading Room. This is intended to be a replacement of like-for-like in hard wood. A further grant would be sort to assist with this project.
    3. Allen Percey kindly said that he would ask Paul Young of Leyburn for a similar quote. As a quote from Bishop Auckland Glaziers is already held this would be a third quote, which may prove useful.
    4. It was pointed out that items remain outstanding with regard to the renovation programme including redecorating the main hall.
  10. Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.
    1. The dates and main national events for this 4 day celebration were stated as follows:
      1. Thu 2nd Jun – Trooping the Colour and the lighting of beacons.
      2. Fri 3rd Jun – Service of Thanksgiving in Westminster Abbey.
      3. Sat 4th Jun – Epsom Derby and Party (gig!) at Buckingham Palace.
      4. Sun 5th Jun – The Big Lunch, street parties.
    2. The Chair provided those present with a list of initial ideas as to what might be organised in Constable Burton. The celebrations will be discussed at the AGM.
    3. A grant may be available to assist with expenses from RDC which the Chair said he would investigate.
  11. Bedding Plants. It was agreed that £200 should be spent on red, white and blue bedding plants for the village. The Chair asked that voluntary donations towards this expense should be encouraged.
  12. Annual General Meeting.
    1. It was agreed that the AGM 2022 should take place on Sat 26th Mar 22 at 2pm and that a covering letter would be sent to each household with both the agenda and a Committee Nomination Form attached. (After note: The draft ideas for the Jubilee celebrations will also be attached).
    2. It was also agreed that refreshments would be provided.
  13. Any Other Business.
    1. Carparking. Jeffrey Lane said that parking in the Reading Room’s carpark was becoming difficult due to over-crowding.
    2. Renovation Grants. Barry Snarr asked if funding for the renovation of the Reading Room had been provided as one grant or of several. It was confirmed that each stage of the renovation had been treated as a separate project and that funding was sort for each stage.
    3. Re-election of the Chair. The Chair, George Tomlin, informed the meeting that he would not be asking to be re-elected at the AGM and that he would standdown from the Committee.
  14. Date of Next Meeting. The date for the next Committee meeting would be decided at the AGM
  15. Meeting Closed. The meeting closed at 7.10pm.

George Tomlin
Chair, to the
Reading Room Committee
Mobile: 07773031874

20th February 2022

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