Minutes of a Meeting Held in the Reading Room Friday 17th December 2021

Constable Burton Reading Room Minutes
of a Meeting
Held in the Reading Room
Friday 17th December 2021 at 6:30pm

Present:George TomlinChair
Hilly DobsonVice chair and Secretary to the meeting
Jeffrey LaneCommittee Member
Barry SnarrCommittee Member
Keith LoadmanTrustee
Stewart AyersCommittee Member
  1. Agenda. The agenda for the meeting was published on the 19th Nov 21.
  2.  Tribute to Jason Dixon. The Chair opened the meeting with a tribute to Jason Dixon who, in the short time he had been a resident of Constable Burton, with his wife Carole, had contributed much to the Committee’s ideas, discussions and events. He will be sorely missed. On behalf of the whole community the Chair offered Carole, his widow, our sincere condolences.
  3. Minutes. The Chair confirmed that all members had read the minutes of the last Committee Meeting held on the 24th Sep 21 and that they were a true reflection of proceedings. The minutes were accepted unanimously:
    1. Proposed. Jeffrey Lane.
    2. Seconded. Barry Snarr.
    3. Matters Arising. The Chair raised 2 points:
      1. Children’s Activity Area.
        1. While the activity area is now up and running the end wall had not yet been painted and the hot water pipes and radiator had not been covered. Hilly Dobson said that she would ask Emma Mills for an approximate date for the painting to be completed.
        2. Barry Snarr said he had prices for the boxing in of the pipes (£28 per pack) and suggested that all of the pipes in the main hall should be covered. This was agreed. A quote for covering the radiator had yet to be obtained. The idea of covering all of the radiators was rejected.
      2. Xmas Lights. The Chair observed that Xmas lights had not been offered to or positioned in Mill Lane, DS Court or Ashfield Close as previously agreed. Barry Snarr reported that another member of the Committee had objected to the positioning of lights in DS Court. He therefore did not continue with the task. In future residents should be asked if they would like Xmas lights in their vicinity and a working party should be created to carryout the task.
  4. Report on Halloween 2021. Hilly Dobson reported that Halloween 2021 had been the most successful Halloween evening ever held in the village. Seventeen children attended and a total of 32 family members followed the trail. Houses throughout the village were decorated and it is suggested that Mill Lane should be renamed Witches Way! Prizes were awarded for Best Dressed, Coconut Decoration and the Scariest Pumpkin. Every child was given a gift.
  5. Financial Report. Hilly Dobson, as acting Treasurer reported:
    1. That the balance of the current account was £15,658 and that the petty cash stood at £110.
    2. That a grant had been received from RDC to off set the cost of double glazing which was invoiced at £7,153. The grant received was for £4,957.01.
    3. A grant of £300 had been awarded, but not yet received, by the Locality Budget by N Yorks CC towards the children’s activity area in the Reading Room.
  6. Reading Room Renovation
    1. The Chair reported that:
      1. The children’s activity area, with some outstanding items yet to be addressed, was open for use.
      2. That double glazing had been installed throughout the Reading Room which should reduce heating costs and our carbon footprint.
      3. The defibrillator had been hard wired so that it can no longer be switched off accidentally. An outdoor double electrical socket had also been installed below it.
    2. Outstanding items. The Chair asked Committee members to consider the following before the next meeting:
      1. How best to go about redecorating the main hall and suggestions on colours and design.
      2. Replacement of the curtains with new or with blinds.
      3. Replacement of the front door.
      4. Repair of the entrance to the carpark.
    3. Storage Unit. We are now awaiting for the planning permission to be signed off.
  7. Draft Constitution (Revised calendar). 
    1. The Chair suggested that a Committee meeting to consider only the draft constitution should be convened. The revised dates are:
      1. Fri 14th Jan 22 – Committee members meeting.
      2. Jan 22 – Draft constitution distributed to the community for consideration and comments.
      3. Feb 22 – Committee meeting to consider comments and amendments.
      4. Mar 22 – Adoption of the new constitution at the AGM.
    2. AGM. The Chair pointed out that an AGM had not been held for 2 years due to the pandemic but that it was important that an AGM should be held. He suggested that one might be held in the Reading Room carpark during March subject to fine weather.
  8. Future Events. 
    1. Hilly Dobson reported that there was a potential room booking for a dinner on Feb 26th for 45 people. Barry Snarr enquired about security etc but it was pointed out that the booking was for dinner only followed by celebrations at a different venue.
    2. Hilly also said that Saturday coffee mornings and Sunday afternoon teas would restart in March.
  9. Xmas Celebration. Arrangements were discussed for setting up of items for the Xmas celebrations which was to be held on Sat 18th Dec.
  10. Any Other Business
    1. Barry Snarr stated that his wife Niesha would like to become a member of the Committee. (After note: This was agreed and the election will be approved at the next Committee meeting.)
    2. The Committee’s thanks were given to Andy Johnson who assisted in putting up the Xmas lights on the Reading Room frontage.
    3. Disposal of Laptops. The Committee agreed that 2 very old laptops and a faulty printer should be disposed of.
  11. Date of Next Meeting. Next Committee meeting is to be held on Fri 14th Jan 22 at 6:30pm
  12. Meeting Closed. The meeting closed at 7.10pm.

George Tomlin
Chair, to the
Reading Room Committee
Mobile: 07773031874

19th December 2021

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