Minutes of a Meeting Held in the Reading Room Friday 14th January 2022

Constable Burton Reading Room Minutes
of a Meeting
Held in the Reading Room
Friday 14th January 2022 at 6:30pm

Present:George TomlinChair
Hilly DobsonVice chair and Secretary to the meeting
Jeffrey LaneCommittee Member
Barry SnarrCommittee Member
Keith LoadmanTrustee
Stewart AyersCommittee Member
  1. Agenda. The agenda for the meeting was published on the 11th Jan 22.
  2. Minutes. The Chair confirmed that all members had read the minutes of the last Committee Meeting held on the 17th Dec 21 and that they were a true reflection of proceedings. The minutes were accepted unanimously:
    1. Proposed. Barry Snarr.
    2. Seconded. Jeffrey Lane.
    3. Matters Arising. The Chair raised 3 points:
      1. Children’s Activity Area. 
        1. Emma Mills had submitted 2 sketches ‘Bringing the Outside In’ for the mural within the Children’s Activity Area. It was agreed unanimously that these should be accepted and that Emma should be invited to complete the work.
        2. The total cost to the Reading Room will be £200.
        3. Pipe and Radiator Coverings. Barry Snarr believed that he could carryout the covering of the pipes and one radiator in the week commencing 27th Jan 22.
      2. Storage Unit. Planning permission had now been received from RDC. It was agreed that a work party would erect the shed on Thu 20th Jan 22 at 10am.
      3. Future Events. The Queen’s Jubilee 2nd – 5th Jun 22 should have been included in future events with the Garden Party Day being Sun 5th Jun.
    4. Election to the Committee
      1. Mrs Niesha Snarr was elected as a member of the Committee.
      2. Proposed by Ms Hilly Dobson. Seconded by Mr Jeffrey Lane.
      3. There were no objections.
  3. Financial Report.
    1. Bank and Petty Cash. The acting Treasurer informed the meeting that the:
      1. Bank balance was £15,432.17 with 2 cheques to the value of £42.50 yet to be presented. A grant of £300 from the Locality Budget had yet to be shown on the bank statement.
      2. Petty cash was £30.87 with £5.85 owing to Mr Barry Snarr for the purchase of an electrical timer.
    2. Xmas Celebration. A full account is available from the acting Treasurer on request.
      1. Expenditure: £287.87 including £206.25 spent on items now in store for future events.
      2. Income: £170.50
      3. Annual Event. The Chair stated that while the event was poorly attended due to covid that given the circumstances it was a huge success. It should continue as an annual event.
      4. After Note. An enormous thank you goes to Santa who thrilled so many children.
  4. Draft Constitution. 
    1. The draft of the proposed Constitution was discussed and amended by the Committee. The draft will now be distributed to the Community of Constable Burton, under a separate cover, for any comments which will be considered by the Committee at its next meeting.
    2. The draft will also be forwarded to the Reading Room’s Patron and Landlord.
  5. Any Other Business
    1. Insurance
      1. The Reading Room insurance cover was due for renewal shortly. It is the single most expensive item of annual expenditure at £416. The Chair and Mr Barry Snarr had been examining the schedule with a view to reducing the cost as the current schedule covers insurance for items we do not have.
      2. Mr Keith Loadman pointed out that efforts at council level to reduce this cost had been made in the past to no avail. 
    2. Central Heating. The Chair stated that the central heating system was still not working correctly. He reported that he had arranged for an electrician to look at replacing the control panel in the main hall and for Bedale Burners to look at the boiler yet again!
    3. Security Camera. The Chair reported that he had asked Mr Mike Philipson to look into the purchase and fitting of a security camera to cover both the oil tank and the new storage unit. Coverage of the carpark, or a part of it, may be an added bonus.
  6. Date of Next Meeting
    1. Next Committee meeting is to be held on Fri 18th Feb 22 at 6:30pm
    2. AGM. The exact date for the AGM in March 2022 had still to be decided.
  7. Meeting Closed. The meeting closed at 7.25pm.

George Tomlin
Chair, to the
Reading Room Committee
Mobile: 07773031874

15th January 2022

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