Minutes – Extraordinary Meeting, Monday 26th October 2020

Constable Burton Reading Room Minutes

of an Extraordinary Meeting

Held in the Reading Room

Monday 26th October 2020 at 6pm

Present:George TomlinChair
Hilly DobsonVice chair and Secretary to the meeting
Stewart AyersCommittee Member
Jason DixonCommittee Member
Apologies:Keith LoadmanDept-vice of the Parish Council
Mr Jeffrey Lane
  1. Agenda. The agenda for the meeting was published on the 23rd Oct 20. Items in the agenda were considered in the order of the main paragraphs as detailed below.
  2. Minutes. Minutes of the meeting held on the 28th Sep 20 were accepted unanimously:
    1. Proposed. Jason Dixon.
    2. Seconded. Stewart Ayres.
    3. Matters Arising.
      1. Use of the Reading Room Facilities During the Pandemic.
        1. The meeting was reminded that the Reading Room is closed. A great deal of effort is being put in to keeping the main hall and toilets ‘covid free’. This is to enable the committee’s meetings to take place and to be able to support village events, such as the Summer Picnic, in safety. In accordance with earlier decisions taken by the committee the kitchen and lending library should not be considered virus free.
        2. Our insurers understand this and are treating the Reading Room as being an unoccupied property and is subject to certain conditions. Unauthorised use of any of the facilities would render our insurance null and void!
      2. Accounts Amendment. The balance as published in the minutes of the 28th Sep 20 was incorrect. It should have shown a final balance of £12,843.35p. An increase of £368.56p. The figures are reproduced here:
        1. ItemAmount
          1. Opening Balance –  £ 1,796.38
          2. Income£12,000.08
          3. Expenditure£968.86
          4. Closing Balance – £12,827.60
          5. Petty Cash£15.75
        2. Total£12,843.35
      3. Contact List. A list of the committee’s contact details were distributed with the purpose of facilitating consultation.
      4. Reading Room Constitution. The chair reported that the re-write of the Constitution is a far more extensive task than previously thought and will take time to complete and bring up to date. In addition it was felt that the AGM (March 2021) would be a more appropriate time for it to be considered and adopted.
      5. Resignation of Trustee. 
        1. Keith Loadman, trustee for the Reading Room, had contacted George Sledge to ask if he wished to continue as a trustee. It was reported to the chair that he wished to resign after being inactive in this post for many years. This was accepted by the meeting.
        2. According to the Constitution there should be 3 trustees.
      6. Halloween
        1. Arrangements were now complete for ‘Halloween’. Judges for the pumpkin carving competition were to be:
          1. Jason Dixon.
          2. Hilly Dobson.
        2. The meeting was reminded that while it was hoped for full participation there was to be:
          1. No grouping.
          2. No knocking on doors.
      7. Christmas
        1. It was reported that the idea of a children’s Christmas card competition had been well received and should go ahead. It was pointed out that plastic glitter should not be used.
        2. A Christmas raffle will be organised.
        3. The outside of the Reading Room will be ‘lit-up’!
        4. Other ideas are still needed to provide some income.
        5. In the current circumstances, carol singing is unlikely to take place.
  3. Progress Concerning Renovations. 
    1. It was reported that Michael Molinski of Hauxwell Construction was ready to commence work on the toilet block once planning permission is received. He has also been made aware that the internal decoration is dependent on the amount spent on the roof repair and installation of 3 hand-driers.
    2. Planning Application. An application has been made to and accepted by RDC Planning Department. The planning document is displayed on the Reading Room’s notice board with a closing date for comments being 4th Nov 20.
    3. Bob the Builder Version 2. A revised list of builders and quotations received was distributed to the committee and is attached to these minutes. It includes a quote from Biker for the double glazing and from Mike Bell for the thermostat.
    4.   Installation of Heating Thermostat. 
      1. An electrician has agreed to install a thermostat for the central heating.
      2. Stewart Ayres also reported that there is a fault with the wiring of the kitchen’s cooker. It was agreed that the electrician should also be asked to look at this.
    5. Grant Application.
      1. The chair reported that an application for a grant from the Community Investment Fund had been submitted to RDC. This is to help fund the installation of double glazing. Up to 70% of the project’s budget may be funded and any request for £5k+ would require a business plan.
      2. The amount requested is £4,999 (69%) leaving the Reading Room to fund £1,983 if the quote submitted by David Ward is accepted.
      3. It was pointed out that this work, and the work on the toilet block, must be closely monitored and controlled. Jason Dixon said that he would be available to help with this.
  4. Lottery Returns. In accordance with the Reading Room’s Lottery License returns for the gaming at the Summer Picnic and the End of Summer Raffle had been prepared and signed. (After note: Now submitted to RDC).
  5. Gifted Items. 
    1. Two visiting guests, Alan and Barbara Percy, at our Summer Picnic were so impressed with our community spirit that they have donated several items to the Reading Room. They are moving house to live in Leyburn and intend helping with future village events.
    2. Items donated were:
      1. A BBQ.
      2. A gazebo.
      3. Several items for the Committee’s disposal.
    3. The Committee’s thanks were extended to Alan and Barbara.
  6. Any other Business. 
    1. It was reported that a ‘Get Well Card’ had been sent to Shane Knight on behalf of the Committee offering assistance if needed following his accident.
    2. The chair was asked as to the duties of the trustees. The chair replied that along with the rest of the constitution their duties are also in need of revision to more clearly reflect their responsibilities.
    3. Future Monthly Meetings. The Committee agreed that, given the current circumstances, monthly meetings should continue.
  7. Date of Next Meeting. A date was set for a sixth Extraordinary Meeting as Monday 23rd November 2020 at 6pm in the Reading Room. 
  8. Meeting Closed. The meeting closed at 6.30pm.
George Tomlin
Chairman to the
Reading Room Committee
27th October 2020

Attached: Resumé of Builders’ Quotations Version 2 – Dated 27th Oct 20

SerNameTel/MobVisitQuote £Remarks
1D Oakley01609-772136
YPaul. Working at Friarage.
2George Fordy & sonsNot contacted.
3Tom Willoughby Ltd01609-772062Y£18,064.22+vat
4MoodyNot contacted.
5F T Construction Gp01609-780700Not contacted.
6Walter Thompson01609-780700Not contacted.
7Lifetime1678 ?/?£5,160incl vatWindows only. PVC.
8Zebra (Stefan)1325521501Y£7064.71incl vat
9Richmondshire Roofing01748-463281 07391066472Y£3,7000%vat?(Robert) Roof only.
10Yorkstone Builders7527535475Not contacted.
11Wheeler R A Ltd01969-622144Not contacted.
12Hauxwell Construction7776223031Y£5,672.00 0vatMike. Roof and internal renovation. Very comprehensive quote.
13Alexandra Builders Ltd1642 ?/?Not contacted.
14AJ Design & Construction1642 ?/?Not contacted.
15Sanderson & Co1969623143Not contacted.
16G W Acton & B Mudd1969624306Not contacted.
17Andrew Hawkins7779317727Y£7374incl vatLeyburn.
18Paul Young7802270642Y£7892+vat
Flat roof torch on felt.
GRP Fibre glass. Incls move of flue.
Accoya windows.
19David Ward01969-624585Y£6982incl vatBespoke wood windows. Did Village Farm
20FSH-Group.co.uk0845-6448253No response
21Chris Smith7525069580YDue to revisit.
22JL Greenwood
7745323601[£-12,335]12,335Windows only. Bespoke wood. Did No2 Ashfield Close. Not available until Jan/Feb. Will provide quote.
23Free Warm Roofing1677422257Y£4162+vat
Jonathon. Bitumen
24Michael Percival7859108390Y£75-100Plumbing.
25Pete Wright01677-450575Y£3784+vatFinghall..
26Biker01969-623020Y£16,123.25incl vatDavid
27Mike Bell7740171573Y£100 tbcThermostat. Electrician

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