Minutes: Annual General Meeting of Constable Burton and Fingal Parish Council – 18th May 2021


The Annual General Meeting of Constable Burton and Fingal Parish Council was held at 7.30 on the 18 May 2021 at the Reading Room Constable Burton.

Apologies – Cllr. Terry

Declaration of Interests – nil

Election of Chairman – Cllr. Hainswoth was re-elected Proposed – Cllr. Dobson seconded Cllr.Irwin

Vice Chairman – Cllr. Smith was re-elected – Proposed Cllr. Dobson seconded Cllr. Irwin

New Councillor – Barry Snarr was elected as the new Councillor for Constable Burton and all Forms of Acceptance and Declaration of Interest Forms were duly signed and would be forwarded to Democratic Services. The Post had been advertised to comply with procedure.

Minutes of the last virtual meeting were read and approved – Proposed Cllr. Irwin seconded Cllr. Dobson

The Chairman advised the Meeting that the Aga Form for the Audit had been completed and signed off by an Independent Auditor. The Dates for Public Display had been set (Item 3A).

Village Report Finghall – no one attended the Conference Call despite the time and date being advertised.

Village Report – Constable Burton – The Beech Tree Memorial project was on the agenda

The total cost of the project was £4.546. The carver was Lukas Beben . The Plaque records 15 names of those who lost their lives in the service of our Country

Reading Room – The Reading Room has raised £858. from Hirings. Further funding will be required for repairs and Renovations.

Trees within the Community which had been a cause for concern have been pruned.

Pandemic – It was felt that the whole community had pulled together in very difficult times and everyone was thanked for their efforts.

A full in depth report for Constable Burton is on the website.

Village Report Hauxwell – no attendance

Barden – no attendance.

Councillors were advised that all Village Reports had to be produced for the Annual General Meeting.

Retirement – A Small Celebration had been organised to present Councillor and Mrs. Loadman with gifts. Unfortunately Councillor Loadman did not attend the Meeting and this had to be abandoned

The Chairman thanked Cllr Loadman in his absence, Councillor Loadman had done an outstanding job in his Service to the Community right across the Richmondshire Area and would be sadly missed.

Date and Venue of the next Annual General Meeting to be advised.

Meeting closed 20.00

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