Middle Dales Election Result – 2013

A few people have mentioned that its not all that easy to navigate the North Yorkshire County Council Web Site to find election information.

In fairness, there’s a lot of information there and its needed for many different purposes so its almost inevitable that the information isnt always easy to navigate so as to find the information you want.

So here’s a bit of a summary:

Middle Dales Ward

Middle Dales Ward

North Yorkshire County Council

The County Council comprises 72 seats, covering 68 electoral divisions (Wards).
The electoral divisions for Harrogate, Bilton and Nidd Gorge; Harrogate Central;
Knaresborough and Selby Barlby are each represented by 2 elected County
Councillors, whilst each of the other 64 electoral divisions returns 1 County

Finding out which Ward covers any particular area isn’t all that easy but Constable Burton is located in the “Middle Dales” ward. See Map above and in more detail here

Results – 2013

All the Results are listed here

And in More detail for Middle Dales here

You can even see detauiled results going back to 2009 and 2005

Political Map - 2013

Click to enlarge

This is how the overall political map looks today.

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