Jasons Picnic Quiz – Adults

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    1. Which player was the highest goal scorer in the 1966 World Cup Finals?

    2. Who wrote the novel ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’?

    3. Which 2 people were officially the first to climb Everest? (1 point for each)

    4. Who were the 4 ‘Monkees’? (1 point for each)

    5. On which date does Yorkshire Day fall?

    6. What is the capital city of Brazil?

    7. Which English King won the Battle of Agincourt?

    8. Which daughter of a famous Hollywood actor/singer sang the 1965 hit ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’?

    9. Name all the firemen in the childrens TV programme ‘Trumpton’.

    10. Who allegedly assassinated John F Kennedy? And who killed the assassin? (1 point each)

    11. Which comic book character is Bruce Banner’s alter ego?

    12. Fill in the missing word: Wakefield, Morley & Rothwell form part of the R _ _ _ _ _ _ Triangle in Yorkshire.

    13. Which cricketer has the highest Test score? For a bonus point, by how many runs (+/- 20)?

    14. What was the dog called in the childrens TV programme ‘The Herbs’?

    15. What was the name of the fearsome dragon in ‘The Hobbit’? For a bonus point, who killed him?

    16. How is steak tartare cooked?

    17. Which actor played the Graduate in the 1967 film?

    18. How many labours did Hercules have to complete?

    19. Who was the second man to land on the Moon?

    20. The footballer Edson Arantes Do Nasciamento is better known as?