Jason’s Lockdown Quiz

Jasons Lockdown Quiz


With no end to ‘Lockdown’ currently in sight, Jason Dixon has come up with a wicked test to find out who’s brain has endured the last few weeks – and who’s succumbed to the atrophying effects of social isolation eased with liberal doses of ‘Medicinal Merlot’.

Jason’s Quiz will sort out the Brain Boxes from the Dozy Dullards

There are Prizes!!

The winner will receive EITHER a £10 box of either fruit or vegetables from Carl’s Flowers Fruit & Veg – (Winner’s choice!)

Entries to the competition can be made either on-line here,  or by completing one of the printed copies available in Hilly’s car ( it’s open – simply drop by, open the door and help-yourself )

Completed entries should be returned to Jason at Arkas cottage or by email to jasondixon0303@gmail.com no later than 5:00pm on Thursday 30th April

Good Luck!!

and remember:

Use of on-line search engines is CHEATING! [ ** Brain power only ** ]




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