Hot Air Balloon(s) over Constable Burton

A bit of ‘excitement’ this morning (Sat. 16/07/22) when a couple of Hot Air Balloons – and their support teams – past over (and through) the village.

With the help of Steve Shaw I’ve managed to put together some photos of one of the Balloons – that looked at one stage like it was about to land IN the village ! ( if anyone else managed to capture some, I’ll be pleased to add them here )

I also chatted with the support team for one of the balloons. They’re camping @ The Rugby Club this weekend and,  will be flying again this evening and tomorrow – winds being suitable.

Their (sponsors?)  website is here:

But this is the only page that features the Hot Air Balloon !

Did you see the Balloons today ? Feel free to add your comments below….

Maybe they’ll get in touch via the comments on our website ?

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