Halloween 2020 – How We Kept Constable Burton Safe From Witches And Ghouls!


We have such a wonderful community that, by working together, we make things happen. It is occasions like this that showcase our village.

It was a warmish day and night and Jason and I we’re ready to take a tour of the Halloween route that would be taken by family groups later in the evening. In full traditional costume we set out along Beckside, past Village Farm to the Barn; into Ashfield Close and to finish at the end of Mill Lane at Heron House. Along the route Jason and I confirmed that 31 residents had created lots of themes to spook and scare us and we knew that the children would be impressed.

The pumpkin station opposite the Reading Room already had on it carved pumpkins from those children who live on the outskirts of the village. New residents to the village, The Lord family, with two boys Freddie aged 1 1/2 an Jack 3 1/2 years old had already positioned their pumpkins. Too young to take part in the later event, as bed-time got in the way, but they had enjoyed being included in the event.

At 6:00 o’clock, on the dot back in the Reading Room, Alison came with Nancy and Ned. Nancy, now at school, in full costume and Ned wrapped-up warm in Mum’s backpack. They left the Reading Room to allow the next family in, having chosen their gifts early. With Imogen, in came Alexander and, to our surprise, in full in costume as was Grace dressed as Count Dracula, Bee followed dressed as a witch!

At 6:15 we set off to have fun. At the door was Chris and Jeanette all costumed out and with wands to entertain the children which was nice to see. Josie at Gardener’s Cottage came out with home-made sweets and Mike was there taking photographs (see published photographs). We had a great time. Ashfield Close was next. Such kind efforts that were amazingly scary, with essences and smoke streaming from the open letterbox. The children were jumping about with glee. In Mill Lane the pumpkins were so well done, especially so at numbers 2 and 4. Winners were 1st Olivia, 2nd Anna and 3rd Nancy. Well done.

Jason was loving the experience; the excitement and noise was to be heard by those indoors at every house that was lit up for our evening’s entertainment. Five adults in costume, thank you so very much for sharing and eight children also in costume. Sweets were given from Donald Smith court by Jean Knight to share, more sweets came from Cherry Blossom Cottage and from the Mill, donated by Beckie and Tony Duff.

The next day I had sweets to share and a bar of chocolate to say thank you to the hosts. Two drawings were sent with love and thoughtfulness from the children to say thank you. It was our pleasure.

A huge thank you goes to all of those who helped to make the evening a success. Praise goes to all of your contributions both great and small. Thank you for making our evening event possible and very special. Your hosts were Jason Dixon of the Reading Room Committee and the Deputy Chair Hilly.

Due to the covid situation lots of families couldn’t attend the event but thank you all for keeping our village safe and secure from witches and ghouls for another year.

Hilly Dobson
Parish Councillor &
Response Coordinator
Mobile: 07942864354


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