Halloween 2018

The Halloween Supper will be on Saturday 27th October at 7pm. Cost will be £7 – bring your own bottle!

Although there will not be a children’s party on the 31st if anyone wants to go trick or treating they can meet up with Hilly outside the reading room at 6pm and she will go round the village with them. A poster will be put on the notice board for this.

One thought on “Halloween 2018

  1. Chris Green

    Dear Mike,
    Thank you for the message. Unfortunately I may not be available to make the trick or treat evening as I will be returning from working in Scotland on that evening, but I will visit homes in the village with children beforehand and leave some sweets for them for the evening.
    We will be glad to attend the Halloween evening supper on the 27th – Is it fancy dress ????


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