Game and the Village

Game and the Village

With our shooting season pulled early by the latest lock down we do have a lot more game left here than normal.

Thankfully the government has allowed us to go out and harvest this locally and within strict guidelines.

With the virus in full swing locally , if anyone is struggling for food and does not want to go to the supermarkets and would like to get some game from us , we would offer it free of charge but in the feather ( we could prep some for elderly residents).

Please contact someone from the Volunteer Support Group (VSG) if you, or someone you know, might like to take advantage of this offer [ see VSG contact details below ]

Just a thought and we would be happy to help .

Thanks ,

D’Arcy Wyvill
Constable Burton Estate

Volunteer Group 1
Chris Hughes07989445669
Dave Miller07852987434
Emily King07904321074

Volunteer Group 2
Laura Ferguson07969544112
Natalie Johnson07908836573
Jenni Shaw07931312964

Volunteer Group 3
Hilly Dobson07942864354
Tanya Tait07760147351
Carole Dixon07791549432

Volunteer Group 4
Jane and
Tim Ashe
01677 450142
Jeff Lanevia Hilly
George Tomlin07773031874
Ann and Alan Bodman07950902164

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