Easter 2021



The weather was sunny but with a brisk cold wind. With flags flying, Easter decorations in position, daffodils out and the cherry blossom in bloom the scene was set. I had hidden polystyrene eggs amongst the hedges and flowers on the Green, 168 in all! I had my fingers crossed that, given the pandemic, a few families at least would turn up.

First to arrive were the Lord family having had an adventure attempting to avoid the A 684. Revived by a cuppa and rabbit biscuits the boys, Freddie and Jack, were ready to start their first ever easter egg hunt. Next to arrive was Amelia with mum and dad, Chris and Tracy Hughes, with Tracy sporting her Easter bonnet. In dad’s arms Amelia, wearing rabbit ears, her rabbit biscuit was very much appreciated. 

Baskets were available for discovered eggs to be placed in and exchanged for chocolate eggs and other gifts. Our ‘hunters’ were joined by the Mill’s family, all 5 including Gran, and with Anna leading the way with Ross in tow. Lovely to see them. 

By 10 past 2 the hunt was in full swing. First back were Freddie and Jack who chose chocolate eggs, what else!? The children were presented with a table full of gifts and eggs all donated by our generous residents, thank you so much.

Next event was the Egg Rolling at 2:30pm when Otillie Wren arrived with her parents Dave and Edwina Yates. Eggs were given out, pink to the girls and blue to the boys. Ross and Anna rolled their own individually decorated eggs. On the count of 3 each race began. The excitement and the noise grew. Five races were planned but the giddy enjoyment was so great that we continued to races 6, 7 and 8. With all eggs still intact Dave came up with the splendid idea of launching the next 2 races over-arm! What a laugh and amazingly all eggs remained intact.

Prizes were awarded and finally all had a dip into the Easter Ali Baba basket for yet another gift. All was complete by 3:30pm and some very happy children, and parents, departed. What a fun afternoon which was so good to be a part of in such difficult times.

Given all of the covid restrictions the Reading Room itself was not open and social distancing had to be observed. It was good to welcome Mavis Allen who visited from her new home in Leyburn and next year it is hoped that we may welcome visitors from outside our community.

Everyone who donated to the success of the event are thanked most warmly. In addition approximately £18 were donated to the upkeep of the Reading Room. Thank you.

Hilly Dobson

Vice Chair to the Reading Room 


Photo’s from the Day…

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