Friendship – COVID19

Constable Burton

COVID-19 Friendship

Friends and Family are the most important things in most people’s lives !!

So how do you stay close – even when you’re Physically Isolated ?

If you have any tips you’d like to share on keeping in touch, then please add your comments at the bottom of the page [ All subscribers to the website will be able to add comments that are published immediately – so if you’re not registered please do so on one of the other pages on this site ]

Alternatively, you can email suggestions and additional information to


If you find yourself in a situation where you need to chat to someone Fiona Dodgson will respond on 01677 450114.

And there’s a long List Of Volunteers on the Shopping And Prescription Roster who will be happy to help


If the Pandemic had happened 10 years ago it would have been different - but today we're spoiled for choice in how we can interact with others remotely.


Nothing could be easier – and more effective – than the mobile and landline communication devices we’re all familiar with.

So – Go On – Pick it Up and CALL!

Social Media

Social Media gets a mixed press – not least from the News Media with whom they compete for your attention – but there’s no doubt that they can potentially help in the current situation. To keep in touch and ‘Stay Social’ at a distance.

But which to use ?

Which is ‘best’ ?

Leave you comments and suggestions below….