CORONA VIRUS – ** Community Response **




  1. This letter is in response to the corona virus pandemic. The information it contains is advice as to how best we as a community may look after ourselves and our welfare.
  1. We are entering an extremely difficult and unpredictable moment in our lives. The advice we are getting from Government is to:
    1. Self-isolate where possible and to reduce social contact.
    2. In the event of developing the symptoms (persistent cough, high temperature) self-isolate for 14 days
    3. Practise good hygiene particularly with respect to the washing of hands.


  1. Look After Your Neighbour.
    1. Self-isolation does not mean you cannot speak to your neighbour. Indeed, you should make sure that they are not in need and if they are offer assistance or call for help. It may be something as simple as collecting groceries, medication etc or it may be something more serious where medical help is required.
      1. Keep your distance.
      2. Knock on a door and stand back.
      3. Cover your nose and mouth.
    1. Do not let anyone in our community feel lonely and abandoned.
  1. Volunteer Helpers.
    1. Attached is a list of volunteer helpers and their telephone numbers.
    2. Additional volunteers are needed particularly from the younger generation. If you wish to be added to the list, please notify Hilly Dobson.
    3. A volunteer will not be expected to be available 24/7 or to act alone. Being able to drive would be a benefit but do not let the lack of this stop you from volunteering.
  1. Community Coordinator. As Parish Councillor Hilly Dobson is acting as our response coordinator. She can be contacted on mobile number 07942864354.
  1. Call for Help.
    1. If you need assistance or just to chat during this period call anyone of the telephone numbers on the attached list.
      1. Give your name and address.
      2. Give the reason for the call.
    1. Signal for Help. If for any reason you cannot contact anyone hang a LARGE CLOTH from a window or at your front door. Anyone seeing this may offer assistance directly or call for help.
  1. Have to Hand. It may be useful to keep the following to hand on one piece of paper:
    1. Your name.
    2. Your age.
    3. Name of your doctor and telephone number.
    4. Name of any medical condition you may have.
    5. Names of any prescription medicines you take and the dosage.


  1. We may or may not be at this stage yet, but the situation is developing extremely quickly, and we must be prepared. If anyone has any additional ideas as to how we can look after ourselves, please make it known to Hilly Dobson.
  1. Above all if you need help CALL – we are all in this together.

Hilly Dobson March 2020

Parish Councillor &

Response Coordinator

Mobile: 07942864354


List of Volunteers and Telephone Numbers

Attachment to Corona Virus

Constable Burton Community Response




Contact   Phone Number Car
1. Hilly Dobson 07942 864 354 Yes
2. George Tomlin 07773 031 874 Yes
3. Jean Knights 01677 450904 yes
4. Jane and Tim Ashe 01677 450 142 yes
07743 507 659
5. Mike and Sheila Philipson 01677 450 348 Yes
6. Geoff and Mandy Lane 07921 515 873 Yes
7. Jason Dixson 07976 883 141 Yes
8. Carole Dixson 07791 549 432 Yes
9. Emma Mills 01677 451 860 Yes
10. Cathy Ayres 07795 180 843 Yes
11. Laura Ferguson 07969 544 112 Yes
12. Jack Warner 01677 450 621 Yes
07496 248 443
13. Tanya Tait 07760 147 351 Yes
14. Natalie Johnson 07908 836 573 Yes
15. Jenni Shaw 07931 312 964 Yes

Names will be added to this list as volunteers come forward. [ current list version = 3 ]

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