Constable Burton Volunteer Roster V6 – to 4th September

Constable Burton Volunteer Roster V6

  1. The Volunteer Roster for Shopping and Prescriptions is on the reverse of this covering letter. It covers the period from the 19th June to the 4th September. Please note that there has been some adjustment to the groups due to the availability of volunteers.
  1. You will all be aware that as we come out of ‘lock down’ that this is a time full of uncertainties. People are returning to work, shops are opening and some children have returned to school. I urge you to listen to what precautions are being advised by the Government and to keep yourselves safe particularly by ‘social distancing’ and by washing of hands. Do not share utensils, cups or other items.
  1. Summer Fair and Duck Sales
  1. A flier about this year’s Summer Fair on Sunday 30th August has already been circulated. I emphasise that, while we do not yet know what restrictions will be in place at that time, we will do as much as we can and have some fun! Children’s activities will be of a high priority.
  2. Duck Sales. Duck sales have started at a ‘waddling’ pace. They are available either from me or from George Tomlin. Please do not leave your purchases until the last minute and, if possible. Have the correct change available to avoid unnecessary handling of cash. Some may prefer to pay by bank transfer.


  1. Smith Race – £2 per duck
  2. Mill Race – £2 per duck
  3. Children’s ‘Dry’ Duck Race – £1 per duck.


  1. Prizes. Unfortunately, due to the current situation several of the published prizes will have to be changed. Suitable substitutes are being sort.
  1. Conclusion. Please stay safe everyone. This will come to an end but in the meantime we will battle on. And remember DO NOT SUFFER IN SILENCE.

Hilly Dobson
Parish Councillor and
Response Coordinator

07th June 2020

v6 07/06/2020

Volunteer Group 1
Chris Hughes07989445669
Dave Miller07852987434
Emily King07904321074

Volunteer Group 2
Laura Ferguson07969544112
Natalie Johnson07908836573
Jenni Shaw07931312964

Volunteer Group 3
Hilly Dobson07942864354
Tanya Tait07760147351
Carol Dixon07791549432

Volunteer Group 4
Jane and
Tim Ashe
01677 450142
Jeff and
Mandy Lane
via Hilly
George Tomlin07773031874
Shopping And Prescription Roster
Fri. 19 JuneGroup 1
Fri. 26 JuneGroup 2
Fri. 3 JulyGroup 3
Fri. 10 JulyGroup 4
Fri. 17 JulyGroup 1
Fri. 24 JulyGroup 2
Fri. 31 JulyGroup 3
Fri. 7 AugustGroup 4
Fri. 14 AugustGroup 1
Fri. 21 AugustGroup 2
Fri. 28 AugustGroup 3
Fri. 4 SeptemberGroup 4
1. Our volunteers have been divided into 4 groups to run essential errands for you on the dates indicated.

2. If you have an urgent requirement then get in touch with anyone on the above list.

3. If you need a chat, someone to talk to, call Fiona Dodgson at Bank Top Farmhouse on 01677 450114.

4. Do NOT suffer in silence get in touch with any of us if you have a problem.

5. Do what the Government is advising/enforcing and stay safe.

Hilly Dobson
Parish Councillor and Response Coordinator


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