Constable Burton Station – Signal Box

Time for a progress report on the reinstatement of the Signal Box at Constable Burton!

The Box has been sitting at at Scruton for some time, having been purchased from the Furness line earlier in the year, but work has recently started on fixing the roof: The wood has been sorted – with some planks being replaced – and  a good coat of wood preservative has been applied. Finally, new roof felt has been spread on and secured:

The colours used are the old Furness Railway colours  – as a tribute to its original location, but (some) purists might be upset!

Its not (yet) certain when the Box will be coming to Constable Burton – as it  needs the precise location to be chosen and a base constructing. A new Signalling Engineer has recently arrived at Wensleydale Railway and it may take time for ideas to be discussed and confirmed…

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