Constable Burton Station – Old Photo’s Found

Some time ago we asked if anyone had any old photo’s of Constable Burton Station, as a couple of enthusiasts from Wensleydale Railway are interested in both documenting it and, potentially, even creating a model.

Well, the good news is that – thanks to Trevor – we’ve been able to come up trumps!!

Constable Burton Station - date unknown

Constable Burton Station – (date unknown)

Trevor bought the photographs at the car boot sale in Bedale, and had them framed, and they’ve been sitting on the wall of his home for some time. We’ve been able to scan them and pass them on to the chaps at Wensleydale Railway – who are absolutely delighted.

Constable Burton Signal Box - date unknown

Constable Burton Signal Box – (date unknown)

They responded with “Thank you; absolutely marvellous.” and told me of their plans to put a Signal Box back in place at Constable Burton in the not too distant future.

They’ve already secured the Box that they intend to use – from the Cumbrian Coast (ex Furness Railway) – and it is currently at Scruton where it is being painted in readiness for erection at Constable Burton. Pictures Here.

One thought on “Constable Burton Station – Old Photo’s Found

  1. Stephen allen

    How wonderful that these pictures have survived. The record office in Northallerton have the station plans but I’ve never seen pictures. What a shame the station was demolished!
    Stephen Allen


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