Constable Burton Station – anyone have old photo’s?

We’ve been contacted by a couple of Rail Enthusiasts asking for help!

2537177_3f675427They’re at the initial stages of investigating the feasibility of building, for display, a model of the old Constable Burton Station – which closed back in 1954!!

There’s not too much evidence of the old station on the ground, but plans are known to exist at the County Records Office at Northallerton but what’s needed to add that extra level of authenticity are old photo’s showing what the station actually looked like in detail. So has anyone got an old image tucked away in a draw, or know anyone that might have such a thing ?

Photo. J.W.Hague.

Photo. J.W.Hague. (1954)

I don’t suppose that many photos were taken at the station as back in those days photo’s were pretty expensive – not like today where almost everyone has a phone with a camera and can take pictures at will.

There are plans afoot by Wensleydale Railway to build a signal box at, or near, the site of the old station so there’s a chance that a model of the station could reside there and be made available for viewing.

It would be great if we could help with this project so if you have any information at all then please leave a comment below or get in touch via the contact page.



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