Constable Burton Reading Room Update – As at 5th May 2021


AS at 5th May 2021

With the Government’s lifting of covid-19 restrictions it is highly likely, but not yet confirmed, that the Reading Room will be able to re-open with effect from 17 th May 2021, or thereabouts.

There will no doubt be restrictions connected with this.


Repairs to the Reading Room’s toilet block are now complete.

Double Glazing. We are still awaiting planning approval from RDC.

Reading Room Committee Meeting

It is proposed that the Reading Room Committee will meet onMonday 24 th May 2021 at 6:30pm. The meeting will again be restricted to committee members only. This being the 8th Extraordinary meeting of the ,pandemic, it is to be hoped it may be the last so named. An agenda will be published in due course.

Future Events

No Frills BBQ. It is proposed to hold a ‘No Frills BBQ’ on the Village Green on Saturday 12 th June, the occasion of the Queen’s Birthday Parade. Yet to be discussed by the committee but please pencil the date into your diaries.

Summer Fair. As previously published the Summer Fair will take place on Sunday 29 th August. Details are yet to be discussed by the Reading Room Committee but will be published as soon as is possible. Duck ticket sales have already started and it is highly likely that the races will be wet!

Halloween. This spooky event will no doubt be held on the 31 st October.
Other Events. Suggestions for other events are needed from the community.

Constable Volunteer Support Group

The shopping roster will conclude on Friday 14th May after 60 weeks!

‘Thank you’ seems little enough for what has been a truly tremendous effort.

While the roster has reached its ‘use by date’ the group will continue to exist to assist members of the community as and when required.

New Members. If you wish to join the group please contact Hilly Dobson. The only current requirement is that you have the WhatsApp for ease of rapid communication.


After an extremely difficult 18 months it is hoped that this and previous updates have helped to keep you all informed as to what has been happening and to what we are planning for the immediate future. Please let me have any comments or suggestions that might benefit our community.

Stay safe!
Yours ever,


Major (Retd) George F Tomlin MBE
Chair, The Reading Room Committee
Constable Burton

Telephone: 01677 450194
Mobile: +447773031874

5th May 2021

2 thoughts on “Constable Burton Reading Room Update – As at 5th May 2021

  1. Ben Thomson

    Dear George,

    Having recently moved to the local area and having seen the Constable Burton Green, a communal BBQ sounds like a smashing idea. Not only for my family and I to meet our new neighbours, but having moved from a rural village with something similar, I can testify this is a great community idea and is really welcome by my family and I.

    We support this social venture, especially after 18 months of non community contact.

    Kind regards,

    Benjamin Thomson

  2. Chris Green

    Dear George,
    May I firstly say well done to all for organising the funding and replacing the roof of the toilets of the Reading Room.

    Hilly informs me this week that you intend to have a stone BBQ built on the Village Green. She says that this would be solely for the use of the villagers.

    I must say that Janette & myself are totally opposed to such an idea.

    There are a number of issues that are raised by such an idea !
    a) Firstly what consultation has there been with the villagers, especially those that may have to overlook this stone BBQ to such an idea?
    I was certainly unaware of such a proposal until a few days ago!

    b) It would appear to me that most villagers already have a BBQ in their gardens and it would seem that this stone BBQ would only be used a few times a year on annual events, and so what would be the point of having a permanent stone BBQ ?

    c) We like the rural natural look of the village green as it is already and not be forced to look over some stone BBQ from our house.

    d) Who would clean such a stone structure which can look appalling after a few years with stains of cooking fat and charcoal engrained in the stone ?

    e) If this proposal is carried forward, and the BBQ is solely for the use of the villagers, what measures would be in place to prevent persons not living in the village from using this BBQ, and who would enforce it ?

    f) Noise ! This BBQ would certainly generate noise from those using it. We prefer a relatively QUIET Village Green, (other than annual events), that has been in place for many many years !

    g) Has some thought been given to a curfew being put in place on using this permanent stone BBQ ? The last thing I want to see and hear are intoxicated persons creating noise there, past say 9pm, especially so if it were a group of drunken teenagers from outside the village with the potential of unforeseen consequences! Who would enforce such a curfew ?

    This stone BBQ would change the whole character of the Village Green and as can be seen, create problems that currently do not exist. I would request that a wider consultation take place throughout the village before such a permanent structure is put on ‘our’ Village Green.

    We therefore reject this proposal of building a stone BBQ on the Village Green.

    Chris & Janette
    St Andrews Cottage.


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