Constable Burton Reading Room Tour De Yorkshire Steering Group Minutes – Tuesday 3rd April 2018




Present: George Tomlin, Hilda Dobson, Rebecca Duff, Gillian Carss and Cathy Ayres

Please note that there will be a follow-up coordination meeting in the Reading Room on Wednesday 11th April. Volunteers are invited to attend.

Working through the items on the Agenda provided by George:

Purpose of the Meeting

To discuss the event of the Tour de Yorkshire, which passes through Constable Burton on 5th May, and decide what activities are to take place to make the day both a memorable one for our residents and to help raise funds for the running and upkeep of the village Reading Room.

The race should pass through Constable Burton between 13.30 – 14.00 hours.

Points to be taken into consideration:

i) Road closure – it is thought that the road will be closed for approximately two hours. It was noted that, as in the past, reopening of the road is swiftly dealt with.

ii) Constable Burton Tulip Festival. It was felt that any event held by the village would not have a detrimental impact upon the Festival and could actually compliment it.

iii) Lack of Reading Room resources – all crockery, milk jugs etc along with four green tables will be on loan to the Hall for the Tulip Festival.

iv) Manpower for the day. Unfortunately several key residents will be away on the day. George mentioned that Julie has offered her help which is gratefully accepted. Hilly will be the usual tour de force and is rounding up helpers for the day!

Main Activities

It was decided to keep things as simple as possible with a BBQ of beef burgers and hot dogs only priced at £2.50, along with tea, coffee and soft drinks (prices to be confirmed) to be served on the green. This would not require any crockery as paper napkins to be provided for food and paper cups for refreshments. Hilly is to speak with Tony to ask if we can borrow his red tent for the day.

Car Park

Rebecca confirmed that Mill Field would be available for car parking. The fee will be £10 for the whole day.


Signage: Signs must be put out on the A684 one week prior to the day – Hilly has the signs. George also produced a draft flyer promoting both events which could put in shop windows and village notice boards?

Papers: Gillian to look into advert in Darlington & Stockton for both the BBQ and Tulip Festival, we may be too late for this.

Bunting etc: Hilly has bike from previous event and will have it repainted in the TDY colours of blue and yellow. Hilly also confirmed that we are eligible for a grant from Richmondshire District Council for bunting. George asked if we could also obtain two Union Flags.

Support to the Tulip Festival

George produced a draft flyer promoting the Tulip Festival which he suggested could be handed out to race spectators. Cathy said that the Hall had produced their own handout. Cathy was asked if she could obtain about 50 of these flyers from the Hall so we can hand out to help promote the event.

Note that any adverts including the Tulip Festival require prior approval of the organisers.

Follow up meeting to be held on Wednesday 11th April at 6.30pm.

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