Constable Burton Reading Room Minutes of an 8th Extraordinary Meeting Held in the Reading Room Monday 24th May 2021 at 6:30pm

Constable Burton Reading Room Minutes
of an 8th Extraordinary Meeting
Held in the Reading Room Monday
24th May 2021 at 6:30pm

Present: George Tomlin – Chair
  Hilly Dobson – Vice chair and Secretary to the meeting
  Keith Loadman – Trustee
  Stewart Ayers – Committee Member
  Jason Dixon – Committee Member
  Jeffrey Lane – Committee Member
  Barry Snarr – Non-elected Committee Member

The chair opened the meeting by welcoming committee members back again after such a long and enforced break. He hoped that his written updates had kept the members up to date with events.

  1. Agenda.
    a. The agenda for the meeting was published on the 20th May 21.
    b. Items in the agenda were considered in the order of the main paragraphs as detailed below.
  2. Election of Committee Member. Mr Barry Snarr was elected as a member of the Reading Room Committee.
      Proposed – Hilly Dobson
      Seconded – George Tomlin
      Accepted – Unanimously
  3. Resignation of Trustee. Mr Keith Loadman has resigned as vice-chair to the Parish Council but has no wish to resign as a trustee to the Reading Room Committee. The chair apologised for the confusion and expressed his pleasure that Mr Loadman wishes to continue in post.
  4. Minutes. Minutes of the meeting held on the 3rd Dec 20 were accepted unanimously:
    a. Proposed. Jason Dixon.
    b. Seconded. Stewart Ayres.
    c. Matters Arising.
    i. Renovation
    (1). Toilet Block. The chair reported that the toilet block re-roofing and cladding to the internal walls was now complete. A few minor jobs still had to be completed.
    (2). Double Glazing. A quote of £5,441 incl VAT for UPVC frames had been found but yet to be accepted. This was less than half the cost of wooden frames but planning permission for ‘change of materials’ has yet to be received. See paragraph (9).
    (3). Carpark. The entrance to the Reading Room carpark had been giving drivers problems for several years in that some vehicles scrape the lower chassis on the slope. The chair reported that a member of the Highways Department from RDC had visited and offered the advice that if the slope to the carpark were to be extended outwards then planning permission would be required. He had also provided an extensive list of contractors, approved by his department, who might carryout the necessary remedial work.
    (4). Christmas. The mulled wine, mince pies and raffle raised £236 for Reading Room funds. The Christmas cake competition was very successful as was the Christmas card competition.
    (5). Easter. Very few families attended due to covid restrictions. However the few who did attend had great fun. Easter eggs were distributed to 16 families with children within our community.
    (6). Local Elections. The vice chair reported that our first room hire since the pandemic, on Thursday 6th May 21, was to RDC for local elections. A one-way system was used, a risk assessment was carried out by RDC and all equipment was provided by them.
    (7). Sale of Fridge/Freezer. The large Siemens fridge/freezer has been sold for £30. This leaves the Reading Room with sufficient cold storage equipment for normal usage.
    (8). Heating.
    (a). The chair reported that, contrary to popular belief, the boiler and thermostat are working in unison. He also provided each member with a written instruction as to how the boiler works. A copy of this, and the user handbook, is now held in the Reading Room.
    (b). The boiler settings are not easy to get right. The chair advised that under normal circumstances members should not touch the controls but to use the thermostat in the main hall.
    (9). Planning Application. The planning application for ‘change of materials’ for the window frames had been with RDC Planning Department since December. The chair reported, that after prompting, he had, today received an email from the planners to say there should be an answer this week.
    (10). Grant Application.
    (a). As previously explained a grant of £4,999 had been offered from RDC in support of the double glazing. This would be paid on receipt of invoices by RDC and should represent no more 70% of the total costs. Barry Snarr enquired as to whether the cost of the doors and porch windows would be included on the double glazing estimate. The chair answered in the affirmative.
    (b). A post covid restart grant of £2,667 was to be applied for.
    (c). A Locality Budget grant for the financial year 2021/22 would also be applied for.
  5. Floor Repairs. A quote of £594 had been received from Hudspeth’s Carpets for the repair to the floor in the main hall. This was thought to be excessive and the vice chair will seek other quotes.
  6. Bedding Plants. After note: Approximately £190 had been spent on village flowers and pots as a community covid uplift. The chair, in the absence of a committee meeting due to covid, authorised the expenditure of £200.
  7. Re-opening of the Reading Room for Public Hire.
    a. The chair explained that after consultation with RDC and with Community First Yorkshire that the Reading Room could be reopened. Hence 7 were able to attend the meeting. He went on to describe the severe limitations as to what events might currently be held in it. Any event would have to follow the appropriate rules eg a coffee morning controlled by the rules appropriate to a café. A private hire would be subjected to the rule of 6/2 households and would have to conduct their own risk assessment.
    b. It was agreed that the Reading Room was now open but that no indoor functions would be organised until further notice. The toilet facilities would be available to support outdoor events. c. The insurance company would be informed that the Reading Room was now re-opened.
  8. Treasurer’s Report.
    a. The meeting was provided with a copy of the audited accounts for 2020/21 and a copy of the current balances. Included within the latter were details of grants received and the expenditure on renovations currently completed. Copies are available from the Treasurer.
    b. The committee accepted the figures as presented and thanked the chair and the treasurer for their hard work. Mr Jason Dixon considered the expenditure on the renovations, in his professional opinion, to be acceptable.
  9. Items for Hire. The meeting was presented with a list of the current Reading Room hire costs and a possible list of items for hire. A copy is attached and was approved of by the meeting. The lawn mower, which already receives heavy usage, was not to be included in the for hire items.
  10. Forth Coming Events
    a. No Frills BBQ Saturday 12th June. It was agreed that a ‘No Frills BBQ’ would be held on the 12th June from 12 mid-day to 4pm. The details were discussed after the close of this meeting and would be published on a flier. The chair did emphasise that help would be needed at 9am on the Saturday to help set up the BBQ and also at the end of the event. Social distancing rules would need to be observed.
    b. Summer Fair Sunday 29th August. It was agreed that a meeting would be held on Monday 26th July at 6:30pm to discuss the details.
  11. Any Other Business.
    a. Mr Barry Snarr wished to record the appreciation, by him and his wife, for the positive welcome from the community that they had received on moving to Constable Burton. He was in turn thanked for his assistance in painting within the toilet block.
    b. Constable Burton Volunteer Support Group (CBVSG).
    i. The chair and the committee wished to have recorded their considerable appreciation and thanks for the work that the CBVSG had been doing from the very outset of the pandemic. Over a period of 60 weeks the group carried out 693 shopping orders, 28 prescription collections and other various tasks for our vulnerable residents.
    ii. While the group’s shopping roster has now stopped the group continues to exist and ready to help should any resident require help, especially in the case of self-isolation. Should any person wish to join the group they should contact Hilly Dobson.
  12. Date of Next Meeting. The next Reading Room Committee Meeting will be held on Monday 27th September 2021 at 6:30pm.
  13. Meeting Closed. The meeting closed at 7.20pm.

George Tomlin
Chair, to the Reading Room Committee
Mobile: 07773031874

25th May 2021

A. Reading Room Items for Hire.


1. Reading Room Hire.

Minimum charge £20
Per hour £10
Per day £50

Charges for regular weekly or monthly bookings may be negotiated with and agreed by the Committee Treasurer.

2. Toilets. To support outdoor events – £20 per day.
3. Gazebo.£20 per day.
4. Weber BBQ. – £20 per day.
5. Cutlery/Crockery/Glasses/Tables/Chairs.£20 per one day function.
6. Hoover Carpet Shampoo Cleaner. – £20 per day.
7. Heavy Duty Strimmer. – £20 per day.
8. Other Items. As negotiated with the Reading Room Committee Treasurer.

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