Constable Burton Community Response V4



  1. Attached is the List of Volunteers Version 4. In the interest of those compiling and distributing the list it is intended that this will be the last hard copy. In future any further amendments, advice and instructions will be published on the village web site: If you do not have access to the internet let George Tomlin know (07773031874) or tell Hilly Dobson (07942864354).
  1. Shopping and Prescriptions.
    1. If you are in a group defined as vulnerable or if you are in isolation, then one of the volunteers listed will be asked to do your shopping and/or to collect prescriptions for you. To avoid volunteers being exposed to risk of infection more than necessary:
      1. Do try to get on-line deliveries if possible.
      2. Repeat prescriptions can be delivered when requested on-line.
      3. Shopping will normally take place on a FRIDAY only. Make sure you have submitted your list before then.
      4. Shopping will be for ESSENTIAL items only.
      5. Specific items by brand may not be available and you will have to accept the substitute sourced.
    1. When goods are delivered the volunteer will place the goods on the ground, knock on your door and will then stand back. There should be no personal contact.
    1. Don’t forget you will be asked to pay for the shopping on delivery. Preferably by cash or cheque.
    1. Difficulties. If you have a need that must be resolved before the next Friday do NOT SUFFER IN SILENCE. Get on the phone and tell someone on the list who will help you.
    1. Shopping Lists.
      1. Initially shopping lists should be submitted to either Hilly Dobson or George Tomlin by phone, in writing or on WhatsApp.
      2. Do be aware that specific types of an item may not be shopped for and an alternative may HAVE to be accepted.
  1. Volunteers.
    1. If you are available on a Friday morning to shop etc please inform Hilly Dobson. We may then be able to develop a roster.
    2. Some stores have placed limits on the number of some items that may be purchased at any one time. If this policy continues and causes you problems a letter of authorisation to shop for others has been printed and signed by your Parish Councillor. This may help but it is not a legally binding document. You may collect one of these letters either from Hilly Dobson or George Tomlin.
  1. Children’s Play Area.
    1. The children’s play area on the green has been cordoned-off. This is not just to stop people gathering there but because the virus can survive for many hours on the equipment, and, we are advised, possibly for as long as a couple of days.
    2. The cordon will be removed as soon as it is considered safe to do so.
  1. Conclusion.
    1. The situation we now find ourselves in is dynamic and changing rapidly. Anything we may have prepared to do may very quickly become out of date. We as a community must work together to get us all through this.
    2. Follow Government advice and stay safe.

Hilly Dobson
24th March 2020,
Parish Councillor & Response Coordinator
Mobile: 07942864354

Information ** OUT OF DATE **

Attachment to Corona Virus
Constable Burton Community Response V4
Dated__24__March 2020


Contact Phone NumberCar
1. Hilly Dobson07942 864 354Yes
2. George Tomlin07773 031 874Yes
3. Jean Knights01677 450904yes
4. Jane and Tim Ashe01677 450 142Yes
07743 507 659
5. Mike and Sheila Philipson01677 450 348Yes
6. Geoff and Mandy Lane07921 515 873Yes
7. Jason Dixson07976 883 141Yes
8. Carole Dixson07791 549 432Yes
9. Emma Mills01677 451 860Yes
10. Cathy Ayres07795 180 843Yes
11. Laura Ferguson07969 544 112Yes
12. Jack Warner01677 450 621Yes
07496 248 443
13. Tanya Tait07760 147 351Yes
14. Natalie Johnson07908 836 573Yes
15. Jenni Shaw07931 312 964Yes

Names will be added to this list as volunteers come forward.

For up-to-date information see here

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