Constable Burton And Finghall Parish Council Village Report March 2021


  1. Introduction
    1. To all members of our community this short letter replaces, for the time being, any meeting of the Parish Council due to Government regulations in response to the covid-19 pandemic. As soon as regulations allow we will hold a public meeting, but this will not be convened until everyone’s safety, with respect to the pandemic, can be assured.
    2. Over the past 12 months we, your Parish Councillors, have continued to act on your behalf.
  2. Specific Items
    1. Play Area Swings in Constable Burton. 
      1. During the past 12 months the play area has been closed and then reopened in response to the pandemic. The area is now open with cautionary signs concerning covid-19 precautions.
      2. The play area facilities are inspected twice a year by David Lodge to ensure their serviceability and safety. With the ‘adult’ seats having been replaced the equipment was found to have no faults in February 2021.
    2. Dog Fouling. 
      1. A sign has been purchased, by the Parish Council, to remind dog owners to keep dogs away from the Children’s Play Area in Constable Burton in the interests of hygiene.
      2. Two more signs will soon be displayed within Constable Burton to remind dog owners to clean-up after their pets.
      3. Bins. Bins on the Village Green in Constable Burton are emptied twice a week.
    3. Street Lighting. One street lamp, RDC 3, by the Village Green in Constable Burton was repaired in February 2021.
    4. Richmond County Council Assets. Dog waste bins and gravel bins are due to be accounted for by RCC.
    5. Deputy Chair to the Parish Council.
      1. After many years of service Mr Keith Loadman has announced his resignation from the Parish Council and from his position as Deputy Chair. An enormous thank you goes to Keith for the dedication and work he has carried out for the benefit of our community. We know that he, and his wife Judi, will continue in their support of our community.
      2. We are pleased that Mr Barry Snarr of Mill Lane, Constable Burton, has put his name forward to stand as Deputy Chair. 
      3. Both resignation and appointment will be formalised at the next meeting of the Parish Council.
  3. Conclusion
    1.  This has certainly been a very testing year and under trying circumstances your Parish Council has continued to work with your interests at heart. If you have any ‘burning’ issue that cannot wait until we are able to meet in person, do not hesitate to contact your local Parish Councillor.
Hilly Dobson
Parish Councillor 
Tel: 01677 450460

Keith Loadman
Deputy Chair to the
Parish Council

19th March 2021


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