Committee Update – Three

Reference: My letter dated 8th February 2021


  1. Renovation.
    1. Toilet Block
      1. The toilet block roof and ceiling have now been replaced and this part of the work is complete.
      2. Hauxwell Construction has agreed to provide and fit hygienic fire proof cladding to the inside walls. Work is due to start on this 14th April 2021.
      3. The electrics to the toilet block will be reconnected when the cladding is complete. This will include the installation of the new light fittings and hand driers as a part of the contract with Hauxwell Construction.
      4. The ceiling and pipes have been painted white using self help. ( Thanks to Hilly, Luca and George).
      5. Thermostats to the 3 radiators are still in need of fitting.
    2. Double Glazing
      1. A revised and cheaper quote for wooden framed double glazing has not been found. A request has therefore been made to RDC Planning to revise the materials to be used to allow for the frames to be constructed of UPVC. The design and style will still be in keeping with the current appearance, as far as is possible, but a bottom outward opening will be included as opposed to the current top opening. It is also felt that with modern double glazing it is very difficult to distinguish between wood and UPVC
      2. In addition to replacing the windows with double glazing it is also being considered that the back door and internal front doors should be replaced with insulated doors and the external front door should be replaced with a bespoke wooden door.
      3. Air Vents. Two metal air vents on the front, outside of the building which had gone missing have been replaced and fitted by Trevor MacDonald.
  2. Funding.
    1. Expenditure
      1. Current expenditure on renovation work is as follows:
      2. A sum of £435 is outstanding on the toilet block which will be paid when the electrical work is completed.
      3. Future Expenditure. Future expenditure is as follows:
      4. Cladding. Currently agreed with Hauxwell Construction for the provision of materials and installation £1,850. This will increase slightly to cover 2 wall not included in the original request.
      5. Double Glazing.
        1. A quote of £5,441 has been received from Bishop Auckland Glazing Co Ltd. and it is likely that the company will be asked to complete the work.
        2. A quote will also be asked of Bishop Auckland Glazing Co Ltd for the proposed work on the doors.
    2. Available Funds. With the receipt of a Business Support Grant of £6,001 the Reading Room’s balances as at 09 March 2021, and after deductions at paragraph 2 are:
      1. Bank Balance. £15,314.90.
      2. Petty Cash. £86.91.
      3. Grant. The grant of £4,999 from RDC towards the cost of double glazing is not included in the above figures. This is to be paid on completion of the work.
  3. Activities.
    1. Easter. A separate report has been placed on the village website recounting the activities of Easter Sunday. Many thanks go to Hilly for her single handed effort making this annual event the success that it was!
    2. Summer Fair
      1. If all goes according to plan, and with respect to the pandemic and vaccinations, it is hoped that we will be able to hold a ‘full blown’ Summer Fair’ this year. The suggested date is Sunday 29th August. A flier has been put out to this effect with the suggestion of an animal fancy dress theme.
      2. Cash prizes are offered for the duck races. It was felt that meals etc could not be asked of businesses that have been closed for most of the year. Community donations will be asked to provide prizes for the raffle. Prizes for the Raffle will be published as soon as possible.
      3. A planning conference will be convened as soon as it is considered safe to do so. It is emphasised that if the Summer Fair is to be the celebration it deserves to be a considerable amount of effort and support will be needed.
      4. Duck Sales and Raffle.
        1. Ducks. Smithy and Mill Races £2 per duck. Children’s Wet Duck Race £1.
        2. Raffle. Cost of one strip of 5 tickets £1.
        3. Bank Transfer
          1. For people wishing to pay by bank transfer The Reading Room Community Account is sort code 20-25-29 account number 20279471.
          2. Reference should be D + surname for ducks; R + surname for the raffle..
  4. Bedding Plants
    1. An order to the value of £200 has been placed with Winstanley’s for bedding plants. These will be delivered to the Reading Room at the end of April or the beginning of May a long with 3 bags of soil. It is hoped this will be sufficient for:
      1. Approximately 10 boxes 6 of which are new replacements.
      2. Two hanging baskets for the front of the Reading Room.
  5. Community News. Members of the community should be encouraged to register on the village website by going to ‘SUBSCRIBE’. The link to the village website is: Welcome to our Web Site – Constable Burton.
  6. Comments. If you have any comments or suggestions on any of the above please let me have them as soon as possible. I will publish this letter for the community at the end of the week.

Stay safe!

Yours ever,

Major (Retd) George F Tomlin MBE
Chair, The Reading Room Committee
Constable Burton

Telephone: 01677 450194
Mobile: +447773031874

14 April 2021

Welcome to our Web Site – Constable Burton

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