Cold spell forecast….

if you’ve been watching the weather forecast recently you’ll have noticed that – with an admission photo (6)of a little uncertainty in the detail – we’re in for a cold spell and possibly some snow over the next few days.

So why am I telling you this, if you already probably know ?

Its a shameless excuse to publish the excellent photo on the right, taken by Mavis Allen in her garden using her iPad a few days ago. I think it’s rather good, and hope that you like it too (click on it for full size image) 🙂

2 thoughts on “Cold spell forecast….

  1. Vicki Walker

    It is a great photograph…like a piece of lace
    The 29 C in RSA is alright if there is a breeze. I have friends who are complaining of 40+ C and water supplies and electricity cut off… electric fans and no iced water for the drinks either !

  2. George Tomlin

    Brilliant photograph.
    We are going through a cold spell here in S Africa. Temperature has dropped from a rather humid 38 degrees to a sultry 29 with a very pleasant cool breeze!


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