Christmas 2020 is Coming!

Image by sa-koi from Pixabay

Christmas 2020 is Coming!

On Monday 23rd November it is intended that there will be yet another Extraordinary Meeting of the Reading Room Committee. Amongst other things to be discussed will be Christmas activities. Already suggested by Jason Dixon is a Christmas cake competition. In developing this idea the competition will have 2 types of entry:

  1. Traditional Christmas cake.
  2. Novelty Christmas cake.

Both will be judged on decoration and taste. We will need volunteer judges with discerning palettes! There will be prizes for the winner of each category.

If you have any ideas of other possible activities please let any member of the committee know before the 23rd November. There will be covid-19 limitations of course.

While on the subject of covid-19, it would appear that a vaccine is just a few months away. In the meantime do not let your guard down! We’ve done so well as a community.

Stay safe!

George Tomlin
Chairman to the
Reading Room Committee
Telephone: 01677 450194

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