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Reading Room Minutes – 20th September 2018

Constable Burton Reading Room Minutes

Thursday 20th September 2018 – 6pm

Present: Committee Members: Hilly, Jenni, Gillian and Stewart

Guest: Cathy

Apologies: Kylie and Mike

Working through items on the Agenda:

Treasurers Report:

Jenni provided a breakdown of takings for the Summer Fair, considering the turnout was quite low we still managed to raise £683.84. The donation to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance was discussed and it was agreed 10% of the takings would be donated. A six month bank account summary was also produced.

Summer Fair:

Jenni to arrange for Trevor to be paid his expenses for the Fair BBQ. It was decided that in future money should be paid upfront to an event holder purchasing food or drinks etc for Summer Fair or other events.

Tree Felling:

The Beech tree on the Green. The tree was looked at recently by Darcy and Sean and a decision made that the tree would be taken down after leaf drop with a stump left, say, 12 foot high with the intention of having it carved. This will need to be discussed fully prior to it being cut down. The Green would also need to be closed off for H&S reasons. Hilly to organise this. Another meeting needed to discuss the tree removal and stump and to see how we can raise the money needed to have it carved.

Future Events:

Halloween – children’s party will be held on Wednesday 31st at 4.00 pm. In order to cover costs there will be a charge of £2.50 per child. Would householders in the village please put a pumpkin outside if they wish to be visited please, we understand some were missed last year, sorry!

Race Night – we could possibly arrange for a Race Night to be held early next year, January or February? If anyone is interested please let us know.

Coffee Morning: Saturday 13th October 11 am to 1 pm will be a “Winter Warmer” with soup being served.

Afternoon Tea: Sunday 18th November 1 pm to 5pm

Festive Sunday: Sunday 9th December 1 pm to 5 pm with warm mince pies and mulled wine.


The quote for the repair of the shed roof was discussed. Jenni said she could provide the felt and some other materials FOC to help keep costs down and John has the slate required so we would only incur a labour cost of £594 inc VAT. It was decided that the repair would go ahead.

Fuel – in future could we order the coke “eggs” not coal please. The U bend under sink in kitchen has a small leak which needs looking at.

Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 18th October at 6.00 pm

Close of Meeting: 7.30 pm

Reading Room Minutes – 13th March 2018

Reading Room Minutes – Tuesday 13th March 2018

Present: Committee Members: Chris, Gerry, Gillian, Jenny and Stewart

Guests: Cathy, George, Moria, and Trevor

Apologies: Mike, Hilly and Kylie.

Minutes of 9th January 2018 reviewed:

– Unwanted donated books slowly being given to charity shop. Cathy is to continue this process.

– Use of printer. A charge of 10p per copy was agreed and that passwords would be issued to those wishing to use the printer so they could be charged individually for copies as leaving a donation has not been enough to cover ink costs.

– The Murder Mystery night raised £350. Excellent turn out. Thanks to all involved.

– TV for keep fit from Kylie – is it being repaired?

– Jonny was requested at the last meeting to supply Annual Report – this has still not been received.

– AGM Meeting date provisionally set for 10th April 2018 at 7.30pm, also Parish Meeting to be held same evening? Could Hilly confirm please.

Working through the items on the agenda provided by Chris:

New Treasurer:

Jenny Shaw was proposed and seconded as the new Treasurer.

Notice Board:

It was thought that the notice board should be cleared of old private adverts and that in future a small donation could be made for future private adverts. The notice board is owned by the Parish Council so permission would be required.

Action: Hilly to speak with Keith Loadman please.


Trevor reiterated the protocol on the use of the defibrillator which must be followed.

In the case of an emergency 999 must be called immediately the caller should then follow the instructions given to them over the phone. If it is thought the defibrillator is needed and available the emergency service will give the caller a code number which allows the box located outside the Reading Room to be opened and the defibrillator to be removed. This is normally done by a second person whilst the caller continues to assist the patient by following the emergency services instructions over the phone until the emergency services arrive.

Trevor inspects and cleans the defibrillator regularly every 2/3 weeks.


In an effort to reduce heating costs it was suggested that the Art Group could possibly move their day from Monday morning to Tuesday morning so they could “share” the heating with the Yoga Group who use the room in the afternoon. It was also suggested however that the Reading Room benefited from having the heating on two days instead of one as it helped air it out.

It was also noted that after a power cut the central heating system goes a bit haywire and comes on ‘constant’. If this occurs the small reset button on the control box needs resetting. Chris said he would attend to this in the event of a power cut.

Tour de Yorkshire:

Exciting news, its coming through Constable Burton on 5th May at approximately 12.30 (time to be confirmed). A Steering Group Meeting is to be held on Wednesday 28th March at 7.30pm to discuss amongst other items car parking.

Leaking Toilet Roof:

Temporary repair done by Stewart – thanks Stewart! The leak is coming through lead line. Action: Stewart said he would get a quote as soon as possible from Tim Moss to do the repair (when weather improves) and to also get a quote to repair the floor in the Reading Room.

Treasurers Report:

Report not available to date.

Action: Cathy/Stewart said they would speak to Jonny and ask him to email it through to Gillian.

Any Other Business:

Has Jonny paid Peacocks for coal? has he sourced a new electricity supplier? Gillian to supply Jenny with Jonny’s email address so they can speak and arrange handover.

Oil is now getting very low. It was agreed that an order be placed for 500 litres from Kettlewell Fuels who require bank details before taking order.

Action: Cathy said she would ask Jonny to order oil asap.

Date of all future meetings to be posted on Notice Board.

Meeting Room hire –  25th March.

Action: Could Hilly confirm if this is still going ahead please as rumoured it has been cancelled?

George Tomlin provided the committee with the following letter received from a friend visiting from the US;

I would like to make a donation in George Tomlin’s name to your Reading Room Events Centre. My Name is Mark Ernest from the US and I got the opportunity to visit with George last spring and am very impressed with your countryside and people.

Included with the letter was a fantastic £100 donation. George passed this donation over to Jenny at the meeting. Huge thanks to Mark.

George expressed concern again that the donation to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance from money raised at the Summer Fair had still not been made and should have by now.

Action: Could Hilly advise of % of Summer Fair takings to be given as a donation to Jenny please.

Easter Sunday. Both Hilly and Kylie are not available to organise anything this year. Would any one else like to organise along with afternoon tea?

Chris Green announced at the end of the meeting that he was resigning his post of Proxy Chair. The committee would like to thank Chris for his help and input over the last year.

Date of Next Meetings:

Steering Group Meeting for Tour de Yorkshire – Wednesday 28th March 2018

AGM Meeting 10th April 2018 at 7.30 – to be confirmed

Parish Meeting 10th April 2018 – to be confirmed

Agenda – ReadingRoom Committee Meeting; 7:30pm Tuesday 13th March 2018

The committee meeting originally scheduled for 6th March has been rescheduled to 13th March

  1. Persons present.
  2. Apologies of absence.
  3. Minutes of Previous Meeting.
  4. Notice Board – regulation of entries – lock for door. – Chris.
  5. Defibrillator attached to Reading Room – update. – Chris.
  6. Heating of the Reading Room. – Chris.
  7. Tour de Yorkshire.
  8. Any other business.
  9. Date of next meeting.