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Minutes – Constable Burton And Finghall Parish Council (virtual) Meeting 19th February 2021



A Telephone Conference Call Ordinary Meeting was held on the 19 February 2021 at 7.30pm

Member Present – Cllr I Hainsworth – Chairman Cllr. H Smith Vice Chairman – Cllr.H. Dobson

Cllr. R Terry Cllr. K Loadman Cll.D Irwin and Joan Hainsworth the Parish Clerk.

There were no apologies or declarations of interest.

Minutes of the last Meeting were read and approved Proposed Cllr. H. Dobson and seconded Cllr. D Irwin.

Matters arising – The Chairman advised that the Clerk had agreed to stay until the Covid Crisis was resolved as a hand over would be difficult at this time.

Finghall – Costing for the Murder Stone Plaque was discussed. The Plaque would cost £185.00 plus vat and Fitting would be £155.00 plus vat. The Chairman advised that a grant of £300 had been received from the Lower Wensleydale Partnership and further grant of £185.00 had been received from the Richmond Area Partnership Funding. The Chairman agreed to look into the allocation of the funding and felt that some of this would have to be returned. The cost and fitting of the Plaque was approved. Proposed Cllr. Dobson and seconded Cllr. Irwin.

Constable Burton – Street Lights had been repaired.

Finghall – The Highways had inspected the drains on Finghall Bank, the top two in particular and at the time of the inspection the Parish Council were informed that all drainage was working.

Following concerns that the sign for the Meadows at the bottom of Finghall Bank was causing extra traffic through the village the Clerk contacted Highways and asked for the sign to be removed.

Highways informed that the contractor had been notified and the sign would be removed.

The Parish Council had been asked to supply information regarding Sports Facilities in the Parishes The Clerk had informed that we had no access to Sports facilities in any of our villages.

Matters Arising

Cllr. Terry advised that numerous pot holes had appeared in Barden that required attention Cllr.Terry would report back if the Clerk needed to inform Highways.

Cllr. Irwin asked if it would be possible to request some kerbing at Hauxwell due to the fact that heavy machinery was churning up verges. He would contact the Clerk with a plan and grid references in due course. Finghall village was experiencing similar problems a lot of verge damage from tractors etc. The Clerk had received complaints about people parking cars on verges destroying the village environment.

Cllr. Irwin also requested a follow up on the street lighting situation at Hauxwell to ascertain how near the village was in the present programme to having an upgrade. The Clerk agreed to contact Street Lighting

The Clerk asked the Chairman’s permission to speak about Planning.

The Clerk made the point that it should be brought to the attention off Parishioners that no Planning Application was decided by one Councillor only. Decisions were made after consultation, taking into account any comments made by villagers affected by Planning Applications, but that the decisions could only be made on strict Planning regulations and not on a personal level.

Planning Applications were published in the D and S Times and Councillors received a copy of all Planning Applications from the Clerk. Anyone with any comments could contact the Clerk on 01677 451896 and she would put them in touch with the relevant Councillors.

The Clerk wished to make this statement as her property had been the subject of untrue observations made in letters to the Planning Department regarding holiday makers walking through her property, pollution and noise these comments being made in connection with a recent Planning Application and she did not want this to reflect on the Parish Council in any way.

Covid 19 – the Parish Council have had no reason to comment on any issues regarding Covid.


The Clerk asked permission to pay the following expenses:

Clerks Salary for three months from November £250.
Zurich Insurance £167.44
SLCC £45

Expenses were approved Proposed Cllr, Smith Seconded Cllr. Irwin.

Date of Next Meeting 19 May 2021 (subject to review)

Meeting 1closed 20.10hrs

Parish Council Meeting And Agm Update



Please note that I have been informed that the Parish Council Meeting and AGM, originally scheduled for the 16th April, will not now take place in the Reading Room. This is due to the ongoing pandemic.

The Council Meeting will take place at a private venue and the AGM remains postponed indefinitely.

Hilly Dobson 10th July 2020
Parish Councillor &
Response Coordinator
Mobile: 07942864354

Reading Room And Children’s Play Area Risk Assessment And Guidelines



1. Introduction.


a. With effect of the 4th July 2020 the Government has allowed the reopening of village halls and playgrounds. As a community we have to follow the Government’s regulations and guidelines. We also have, not only a duty of care to those who will have access to both our Reading Room and to the Children’s Play Area, but a legal requirement to ensure that they are safe.

b. Both the Government and our insurers require us to carryout a risk assessment of both the Reading Room and our Children’s Play Area.


c. Government Guidelines for village halls include:


                                        i. Pinch Points’ to be identified and measures introduced to control them e.g. entrance and exit, toilets etc.

                                      ii. No ‘loud’ music to avoid the necessity for people to shout or move closer.

                                     iii. Sanitiser to be made available on entry and exit.

                                     iv. Buildings should be well ventilated.

                                      v. People ‘shielding’ or at risk, including over 70’s, are advised not attend social functions.

                                     vi. Gatherings of 30+ people in buildings is illegal unless the building is deemed to be covid secure.

                                   vii. Groups of 6 are permitted from the same family or ‘bubble’ but groups must not mix.


2. Risk. The risk factor being considered here is that posed by the coronavirus which as far as is known is principally spread by:


a. Touch and close contact due to respiratory droplets.

b. Contaminated surfaces.


3. People at Risk. The people who may be placed at risk by the reopening of these amenities are:


a. The users.

b. The cleaners.


4. Measures that may Mitigate the Risk.


a. Personal distancing – currently 1 metre where mitigation is applied such as a face covering and for short periods of time only. Two metres remains the recommended distance.

b. Washing of hands.

c. Use of sanitiser.

d. Wearing of disposable gloves.

e. Wearing of face coverings.

f. Disinfection of surfaces.

g. Floor markings.

h. Information and direction boards.




5. Recommendations.


a. Reading Room.


                                        i. Keeping the whole venue closed except for specific village events where special measures would be put in place.

                                      ii. Limit the number of people that may assemble at any one time. Exceptions may be for private events where attendees are members of the same household and members of so called ‘bubbles’.

                                     iii. Limit the frequency at which the venue may be used eg once per week.

                                     iv. Closing of certain areas including:


(1). The kitchen.

(2). The book shelves.

(3). A toilet cubicle.


                                      v. Limit the use of tables and chairs to those requested for a specific event.

                                     vi. Signs for:


(1). Entrance and exit – front and back doors.

(2). Use and the provision of sanitiser.

(3). Toilets – one person only.

(4). Reminders eg self-distancing.

(5). Floor markings/arrows when necessary.

(6). Closed areas.


                                   vii. Maintenance of a list of attendees for contact tracing.

                                  viii. Cleaning. After each usage it must be considered that the Reading Room is potentially contaminated. It will therefore need to be cleaned before/after each use. To this end the following are required:


(1). Names of volunteers to assist with the cleaning.

(2). A check list of what is to be cleaned with signature to confirm cleaning has been carried out.

(3). Advice on PPE.

(4). Advice on when the venue should be cleaned after an event.

(5). Instructions for the users/hirers to record what has been used and to leave items used out for cleaning and not put away.

(6). Provision of anti-bacterial cleaning agents.


b. Children’s Play Area.


                                        i. The children’s play area includes:


(1). Swings.

(2). Slide.

(3). Benches X 2.

(4). Waste bin.


                                      ii. Government Guidelines for play areas include:


(1). Limiting the numbers allowed on the equipment.

(2). Use of a booking system where possible.

(3). Signage advising on self-distancing, use of masks and the use of sanitiser.

(4). One adult only of a family to accompany children.

(5). Setting a time limit.


                                          iii. If we are to open the Children’s Play Area the following recommendations are made:


(1). The area to be cleaned/disinfected on a regular basis.

(2). The table-benches should be included within this facility.

(3). Cleaning/Disinfecting. Regular cleaning/disinfecting is recommended with measures similar to cleaning the Reading Room implemented.


6. Conclusion.


a. The Government’s easing of lockdown does not mean that the coronavirus has gone away or become any less dangerous. It is therefore vital that decisions made are carefully considered to get the measures that will be introduced as correct as is possible to keep our community safe.

b. It is recommended that whatever decisions are made that the measures decided upon should be reviewed on a regular basis.



Hilly Dobson                                                                                                                       1st July 2020    

Parish Councillor &

Response Coordinator

Mobile: 07942864354







Reading Room And Children’s Play Area Reopening 4th July 2020



With effect of Saturday 4th July 2020 the Reading Room and children’s play area on the green can be reopened. The Reading Room will be available for hire. Use of its facilities will be subject to Government guidelines which will be strictly observed. Before/after each use the room will need to be cleaned and therefore systems will be introduced to ensure that areas used and only equipment that has been used will be cleaned. These measures will reduce the cleaning burden and to this end it is not intended that the kitchen will be open for use.

Children’s Play Area. The children’s play area will have the fence removed and grass cut on the 4th July. It is strongly advised that hand sanitiser should be used before and after using the swings and slide. Hands should be washed on returning home.


Volunteers are needed to assist with cleaning the Reading Room. We do not expect a rush of customers but if you are able to spare the time please contact me and I will add your name to the roster. Any help will be gratefully received.

The swings and slide will also be cleaned on Sat 4th July. Again, any help would be most welcome.

Hilly Dobson 24th JUNE 2020
Parish Councillor &
Response Coordinator

Mobile: 07942864354