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Steve’s (VE DAY) Lockdown Quiz

Hot on the heels of Jason’s Cerebral Contest to help exercise Lazy brains during Lockdown – Steve Shaw has kindly stepped up to Maintain Momentum in this regard, and provided Quiz Questions to Pepper the Prefrontal Cortex  as we look to Venerate VE Day…….

It’s Another Quiz!!

This time the prize for the winner is described simply as ‘A Bottle’  – there’s real beauty in simplicity!!

Entries to the competition can be made  on-line here

Completed entries should be  completed no later than 5:00pm on Friday 8th May [ VE DAY ]

Good Luck!!

and remember:

Use of on-line search engines is CHEATING! [ ** Brain only ** ]


Lockdown Quiz – the Results are In!!


  • Hilly 19
  • Cathy and Tom 25
  • Nat and Andrew and Phoebe 22
  • Steve and Jenni 27
  • Chris and Tracy 17

So winners are Steve and Jenni – Many Congratulation!!


Which team won the 1973 FA cup Final. (Hint sore point between my wife and me)Sunderland
The oval is ground for which county cricket clubSurrey
Red Rum won the grand national in 1973,74 and 77. which horses won in 75 and 76. (Double points if you get both)L'escargot and Rag Trade
Which golfer got 5 out of 5 points in the ryder cup in 2018 (Bonus point for his partner who got four but didn't win the singles)Molinari and Fleetwood
Which rugby player scored the drop goal to win the rugby union world cup for EnglandJonny (The god) Wilkinson
What was the name of the other main battle in 1066. (Again bonus point if you can name who was leader against Harold) Stamford Bridge. Harald Hardrada
Which river flows through Budapest and who wrote a waltz about it.Danube and Strauss
Who was Arthur Wellesley better known as. Duke Of Wellington
Mount Vesuvius overlooks which modern Italian cityNaples
Which monarchs childhood home was Middleham CastleRichard III
Which book had the characters Atticus, Jem and ScoutTo kill a mockingbird. (Great book and great film)
Which TV show had the charcters Bungle, Zippy and GeorgeRainbow
what was the first song sang at live aid and by which groupRocking all over the world. Status Quo
What song (very apt at this time) was sung at the end of Monty Pythons Life of BrianAlways look on the bright side of life
Who wrote Adolf Hitler his part in my downfallMy hero Spike Milligan.
Which childrens TV show had a character called professor YaffelBagpuss
What breed of dog was used by tibetan monks as a warning dog.Shi tzu
What does CAMRA stand forCampaign for real ale
Which character loved marmalade sandwiches and where did he come fromPaddington and Peru
Which enentertainer (Who was very famous in Albania) used to shout Mr Grimsdale in some films. (Also who played Mr Grimsdale for extra point)Norman Wisdom and Edward Chapman
Which comic book character had the real name Peter ParkerSpiderman
In which classic british comedy was there a character who famously said don?t panic.Dads Army
Where does the Mona Lisa painting resideLouvre
Broadsword calling ?.....finish the call sign and name the filmWhere Eagles Dare and Danny Boy
Bonus round Phoebes Fabulous Favourite Kids Quiz (Mind I couldn?t get some of them)
Name alvin the chipmunks dad and 2 brothersSimon, Theordore and Dave
Which is not a Tim Burton Movie. Beetlejuice, Coraline, Nightmare before Christmas or Edward Scissor Hands?Coraline
Which monarch has ruled for the longest after our current queen.Victoria
How many letters are in the answer to this riddle? One is to three as three is to five, five is to four. What is the magic number.Four
You but me in dry, but then I get wet. The longer I stay in, the stronger it will get? What am I.Tea bag, seed, hops and cement
Marys father has four daughters. April, May and June. What is the name of the fourthMary
What date did Miss Peregrine set the loop. (From Miss Peregrines home for perculiar chihldren|)September 3rd 1943.

Many thanks to Jason Dixon for orgabising this!

Testing For COVID-19 – On-line Self Referral – Constable Burton Advice




  1. This document is to guide you through what you should do if someone asks you for help because they think they (or a member of the family) have developed symptoms applicable to covid-19. The same steps should be taken for yourself should you develop the same symptoms.
  1. During this process NEVER BREAK THE DISTANCING RULES!
    1. Symptoms.
      1. A new persistent cough. Coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours. (If you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual).
      1. A high temperature. This means that you are hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature).
    1. Self-Isolation. Self-isolation will be the normal course of action for those with mild symptoms.
    1. Advice. Call 111 if you need advice and especially if you are dealing with a child.
    1. Emergency. If you consider the symptoms to be severe or worsening call 999. Do not hesitate!
  1. Eligibility. May change as testing is rolled out.
    1. Essential workers.
    1. Over 65s.
  1. Types of Test. There are 2 routes to self-referral:
    1. Booking a test at a drive-in test centre.
    1. Order an ‘at home’ test kit.
    1. On-line Link. In either case follow this on-line link:

  1. Helping Someone Else.
    1. Get on-line using the link. Do not use Internet Explorer.
    1. By telephone get the person you are helping to answer the questions you are prompted to answer as you work through the on-line procedure.
    1. If the person you are helping cannot drive, they can only ask for a home test kit. No one is to even consider taking them to a test centre!
    1. Follow-up.
      1. The person you are helping should be advised to totally self-isolate.
      1. Ask permission to inform helpers in the Constable Burton Volunteer Group.
      1. Keep in telephone contact at sensible intervals.
      1. Make sure the person you are helping has the telephone numbers of the Constable Burton Volunteer Group.

Hilly Dobson,

Parish Councillor and

Response Coordinator

Constable Burton

Consta Bleburton Estate’s Plant for Heroes…..

Constableburtonestate’s ‘Plant for heroes’ Post on Instagram

View this post on Instagram

We have planted a new Lavender walk in various shades of Blue for the NHS and encourage gardens to #plantforheroes and are passing on the baton : All Lavenders are Yorkshire grown and some have medicinal properties and allwere supplied by the brilliant Gill @ who is still delivering. Fragrant Memories :height 70cm mid blue. Lullingstone Castle :height 90cm mauve. Grey hedge:height 100cm medium blue. Vera:height 90cm rich deep blue. Grappenhall:height 90 cm purple This is also dedicated to a member of our community who lost his life to Covid and will be dearly missed by his friends and colleagues of the @constableburtonestate shoot . Thanks especially to my incredible producer who worked her little cotton socks off and held the camera still 💞🧚‍♀️🌱 #plantforheroes #nhs #frontlineworkers #covid19 #digforvictory #staypositive #gardening #gardenlife #gardenforthesoul @gardenersworldmag @themontydon @thorp.perrow.arboretum @kiftsgategardens @houseandgardenuk @visitrichmondshire @castle_howard @barningham_estate @historic_houses @manorgardenflowers @cornwell_manor @the_rhs

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Carl’s Flowers Fruit & Veg LTD

Stay Home – Stay Safe – and get your Fruit & Veg Delivered!!

Emily King is coordinating pickup/deliveries of Fruit & veg boxes with Carl’s Flowers Fruit & Veg – a well established supplier of Flowers, Fruit & Vegetables on Market days in Thirsk, Northallerton and Stokesley
The boxes they currently offer are:

Fruit box – £10
Veg box – £15
Salad box – £10

You can find out more on their Facebook page:

Emily is planning on picking orders this this Wednesday (22nd April) – and possibly future Wednesdays

Contact Emily by text message, or by calling 07904321074

[ But you’ll need to act quickly – as payment for this weeks pickup needs to be made by 3:00pm on Mondays !!]