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Reading Room Repairs – GREAT NEWS!

Reading Room Repairs – GREAT NEWS!

I am pleased to announce that at last we now have sufficient funds to proceed with the various repairs needed to the Reading Room!

I applied for a grant from Richmondshire Council several months ago and we have now received £1,000 from them.

The Reading Room itself has contributed £624 via room hire, events and the Friday Walking group.

This left us with £524 to find and I’m delighted to say that Mr D’Arcy Wyvill has confirmed that this shortfall will be met by the Constable Burton Estate.

Work will commence in the New Year.

Gillian Carss


Reading Room Committee

Beech Tree War Memorial – Carving Designs

The sketches shown are by the wood carver Lukasz Beben and Jean Knight. Also shown is a photograph of another piece of work by Mr Beben.

These are published for your comments on what is being considered for the carving.

This is not a choice between one or the other but about the concept. We would be grateful for your comments by Saturday 7th December with a view to discussing your comments in the Reading Room on Thursday 12th December. Your views are important.

Sketch by Lukasz Beben

Sketch by Jean Knight

Carving by Lukasz Beben