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Minutes: Ordinary Meeting of Constable Burton and Finghall Parish Council – 9th May 2022

Parish Council of Finghall and Constable Burton
Minutes 0f a Meeting
Held in the Reading Room at Constable Burton on
Monday 9th May 2022 at 7:30pm

Present:Ian HainsworthOut going Chair Person
Joan HainsworthOut going Clerk to the Parish
Barry SnarrDeputy Chair
Dave IrwinParish Councillor for Hauxwell
Hilly DobsonParish Councillor for Constable Burton
Attendees:Roland Terry, Cathy Ayers, Simon Lemm, Dawn Lemm.
Apologies:Howard Smith.
  1. Agenda. The agenda for the meeting was published on the 2nd May 22. 
  2. Declaration of Interests. Prior to the meeting it was confirmed that: 
    1. Ian Hainsworth would step down from Chair Person to the Council and would retire from the Council. 
    2. Joan Hainsworth would step down from Clerk to the Council and would retire from the Council. 
    3. Howard Smith’s name would be put forward as Chair Person elect. 
  3. Election of Persons to the Council. 
    1. Chair Person. Howard Smith was elected to the appointment of Chair Person: 
      1. Proposed by Barry Snarr. 
      2. Seconded by Hilly Dobson. 
    2. Parish Councillor to Hauxwell. Dave Irwin was elected as Parish Councillor to Hauxwell. 
      1. Proposed by Barry Snarr. 
      2. Seconded by Hilly Dobson. 
    3. Temporary Chair Person. Barry Snarr was elected to the appointment of Temporary Chair Person for the purpose of the meeting. 
      1. Proposed by Dave Irwin. 
      2. Seconded by Hilly Dobson. 
    4. Parish Councillor and Temporary Clerk. Hilly Dobson was elected as Parish Councillor and to the appointment of Temporary Clerk for the purpose of the meeting. 
      1. Proposed by Barry Snarr. 
      2. Seconded by Dave Irwin. 
  4. Minutes. The Chair confirmed that all members had read the minutes of the last Committee Meeting and that they were a true reflection of proceedings. The minutes were accepted unanimously: 
    1. Proposed. Dave Irwin. 
    2. Seconded. Hilly Dobson. 
    3. Matters Arising. There was a need for more Council members.  
  5. Precept. It was confirmed that the Council had a precept to the value of £3,220. 
  6. Audit. The audit by the Clerk to the Parish had not yet been completed. The audit must be submitted to J.K. St Johns by the 1st Jul 22 to avoid a penalty of £40 per day. 
  7. Dog Bins. A Dog Bin had been installed in Constable Burton and Finghall and a receipt for £540 had been received. 
  8. Any Other Business.  
    1. Rowland Terry reported that a wooden footpath sign in Barden, close to the phone box, was broken. He added that it may have been broken on the same evening when a dog was stolen from a house in Barden. 
    2. Dave Irwin said that the partner of Mr Dalton junior would like to be nominated as a Parish Councillor. 
    3. Joan Hainsworth reported that Finghall Bank has a suspected ‘spring’ and that it should be reported to and investigated by Area 1 of Richmond District Council. 
    4. Cathy Ayers reported the re-occurrence of pot-holes on Mill Lane opposite numbers 2 and 3. 
  9. Expenses. Joan Hainsworth reported that the following payments had been made: 
    1. Cheque number 616 to the value of £500 YLCA wages. 
    2. Cheque number 617 to the value of £ 540 for two dog bins. 
    3. Cheque number 618 to the value of £20 for Clerk’s expenses. 
  10. Retirement of the Parish Clerk. The Parish Clerk handed over all correspondence, audit papers, bank statements, cheque book and computer. Barry Snarr took possession of these items for safe keeping. 
  11. Retirement Gifts. Joan and Ian Hainsworth were presented with gifts of a climbing rose and a bottle of whisky to mark their retirement from the Council. They were both thanked by Hilly Dobson and Barry Snarr for their service on behalf of the Parish over a period of 38 years. Cathy Ayers thanked both Joan and Ian for their service to the Parish on behalf of  Parishioners of Constable Burton. 
  12. Date of Next Meeting. The date of the next meeting was to be decided. The next 3 annual meetings would be held in August and November 2022 and in February 2023. 
  13. Meeting Closed. The meeting closed at 8.30pm. 

Hilly Dobson
Temporary Clerk to the Meeting and
Parish Councillor

Telephone: 01677 450460
10th May 2022

Constable Burton Hall Gardens – TULIP FESTIVAL – This weekend!

Constable Burton Hall Gardens – TULIP FESTIVAL – This weekend!

We are so looking forward to next weekend’s Tulip Festival and hope you will be joining us for our own very special jubilee celebration – 25 years of our relationship with Bloms Bulbs. Our Tulip Festival will be running over Saturday 30 April to Monday 2 May from 10am to 5pm daily.
With over 6000 tulips of over 100 different varieties planted amongst the formal and woodland gardens, this is the most spectacular time to visit Constable Burton Hall Gardens. 
As the northern show garden for Bloms Bulbs, winner of 68 Chelsea Gold Medals, we will be showcasing their incredible collection of flowers – a vibrant mix of classic favourites and exciting new varieties! This year we have collaborated again with local garden designer Willa Bourne-Arton to create new combination planting throughout the borders which hope to inspire garden enthusiasts.
Away from the tulips there are beautiful woodland walks and garden trails to discover featuring cyclamen, lilies, ferns, hardy shrubs, roses and wildflowers.
Refreshments are also on sale during the event in our Festival Lawn Marquees pop up – as ever there will be a delicious selection of cakes, sweet treats and light lunches to tempt you!

TULIP FESTIVAL INFORMATIONConstable Burton Hall Gardens, Constable Burton, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 5LJSaturday 30 April, Sunday 1 and Monday 2 May 2022, 10am – 5pm Visitors are advised to pre- book tickets. Online booking –·       

Accessible toilets are available on site. 

  • Dogs are admitted on leads.
  • Free parking is available on site in an adjacent field. 

Further information: 
Imogen Wyvill

Minutes of the Reading Room Committee’s Meeting, held on Friday 22nd April 2022

Constable Burton Reading Room Committee Minutes

Meeting held in the Reading Room on Friday 22nd April 2022 at 7pm
Present:Barry SnarrChair
Hilly DobsonVice chair, Acting Treasurer and Secretary to the meeting.
Charles WyvillPatron
Niesha SnarrCommittee Member
Also Present:
Dawn Lemm
Simon Lemm

Cathy Ayers
Tony Duff
Rebecca Duff
Barbara Percy
Apologies:George TomlinSpecial Projects Manager
Allan PercyCommittee Member and Treasurer
Keith LoadmanTrustee
D’ Arcy Wyvill
  1. Chairmans warm welcome to all present
  2.  Minutes of AGM meeting held on 22nd March 2022 read and accepted as a true recording of the proceedings. Proposed by Jeff Lane and seconded by Charles Wyvill
  3. Matters Arising
    1. Letter received from Resident. Chairman commented that he would be investigating issues raised and will report back to committee in due course
  4. Financial Report by Hilly Dobson.
    1. Bank and Petty Cash. The acting Treasurer informed the meeting that the:
      1. Community Bank balance was £14, 555.85 
      2. Petty cash was £225.49 and banked on 19.04.22 was £282
        This evening Hilly Dobson will pass the treasurer responsibilities to Allan Percy, care of his wife Barbara who was in attendance at the meeting. Many thanks to Allan or taking on the role. A further meeting has been scheduled with both the Acting and new Treasurer with the Bank to complete formalities 

        Charles Wyvill asked for the details of the second balance and was informed that it was £465.21
      3. Easter Event. 
        9 children enjoyed a couple of hours spent together with families engaging in an Easter Egg Hunt and Egg Rolling Competition. Masks were given for taking part as were small prizes for all. Feedback was good, all ‘Happy Bunnies’

        An Easter Afternoon Tea was also held which was well attended and well received. Deputy Chair was thanked for her great idea for the enhancement of revenue from the Easter Raffle which raised £55 and these costs covered any expenses incurred. A big ‘Thank You’ was extended to all residents who gave donations or their time to support the events
  5. Grant Applications

    The Chairman updated the meeting on the status of our current grant applications
    1. advised that we had received approval for a Jubillee Grant of £2000 which would become available upon receipt of invoices
    2. advised that we were applying for a further grant to cover the cost of the new Reading Room entrance door and internal decorations. Further information will be provided at agenda item 7
  6.  Ukraine Appeal 

    The Chairman updated everyone on the current situation with regard to Ukraine fund raising, and thanked everyone involved for all their hard work and donations to make sure such an important Appeal was successful. The Chair then read out a letter received from Rishi Sunak, Member of Parliament for Richmond, which was directed to Hilly Dobson on behalf of the committee. Mr Sunak expressed his delight and gratitude that such a small community had managed to generate such a good sum of money for such an important appeal. He expressed his hopes that all future initiatives to support the appeal would be equally impressive. See attached letter
  7. Current Projects Update
    The Chair read out the update on the Renovation Project by the Special Project Manager (George Tomlin). This report covered main hall redecoration and the replacement of the front door. An option appraisal was discussed and decisions will be made in due course, after further confirmation regarding the grant application. 
  8. Proposed Projects
    1.   Car Park Entrance. 
      The entrance gully is too high, and will require removing and skimming to prevent damage to vehicles in the future. Tarmac will also need to be added to finish the work.  The Highways Department have attended site and have agreed to the work, subsequently confirmed via email. Estimated costs for the work required were also  provided by the Highways Officer. Charles Wyvill and the Chairman have agreed to meet and discuss further the estate may be able to assist in this work. 
    2. Going Green. 
      Niesha Snarr discussed a proposal regarding whether there may be interest within the committee regarding pursuing potential funding for community Electric Vehicle charging points within the village.  A short proposal paper is attached. The whole committee was unanimous in support of the initiative and for a small subgroup to obtain further information regarding feasibility. Charles Wyvill (Patron) commented that this could potentially be of great value to the whole community
      Niesha Snarr also raised the issue of the committee working to (where possible) reduce the amount of paper used within the group and therefore our carbon footprint. Going forward we will try to stop duplicating printed versions of documents and use both a mix of technology and paper (for those who are not technically minded).
  9. Queens Jubilee Celebrations
    1. Party. It was agreed that a steering committee would be set up to plan the logistics and help drive the success of the event. Six volunteers from the meeting will make up the group. Date was agreed as Sunday 5th June to coincide with the national celebrations. This will be an afternoon event. A marquee has been purchased for the occasion. The event will be open to anyone who wants to attend.  
    2. Big Breakfast Event. Chairperson volunteered to cook for a breakfast event to be held on Saturday 4th June in the morning. 

**Further details for both events to follow and to subsequently be promoted locally

Any Other Business

Car Park Sign. Volunteer agreed to paint signage

Reading Room Flagpoles. These had become damaged due to adverse weather and volunteers were requested to repair and reinstate these. Simon Lemm volunteered to lead on this.

Garden Plots availability. Niesha Snarr raised the point that any village asset that was used by an individual should include an expectation and explicit agreement of a shared benefit to the whole community. Dawn and Simon Lemm have applied for rent and usage of the garden plots and Dawn confirmed her intentions that they would be running some communal garden projects an example given was to grow flowers to enhance the green and around the reading room. There was agreement from all in attendance that Dawns suggestions would be of great value to the community. A formal agreement will need to be arranged to that affect.

Niesha Snarr suggested that as the Committee Chair had changed and there had been new people moved into the community that it would be a good opportunity to send out a letter to all. This would hopefully help engage them in work or events planned and ensure we do everything possible to promote inclusivity and attendance at future meetings (for those able).  

Tony Duff kindly offered his support to the Chairman, stating that if we require help from the local council it may be helpful if we approached him first as he may be able to assist through his network of contacts. The Chairman thanked him for this offer and stated it would no doubt be very helpful going forward.

Jeff Lane raised the issue of the childrens’ play area. The Chairman updated attendees on progress and confirmed that the work would not be completed until after the Jubilee event. It was also highlighted however that the new picnic benches were already in place and were already being appreciated by the community and visitors to the village. The Chairman went on to explain that where applications to the Local Council were concerned, he may only be able to give a basic update and not more specific details. Whilst he felt there was a synergy between both his Local Parish Council and Reading Room Committee Chairman roles, there was obviously confidentiality issues regarding both roles to respect.

Meeting closed at 8.20pm 

Date and Time of Next Meeting. 

This is to be confirmed and publicised shortly.

Barry Snarr (24th April 2022)
Reading Room Committee
Mobile: 07730986863

Attached Letter: From Rishi Sunak

Attached Document: A Going Green Proposal

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Minutes of the Reading Room Committee’s AGM, Held in the Reading Room on Saturday 26th March 2022.

Constable Burton Reading Room Minutes
of the Annual General Meeting
Held in the Reading Room
Saturday 26th March 2022 at 2:00pm

Present:George TomlinChair
Charles WyvillPatron
Hilly DobsonVice chair, Acting Treasurer and Secretary to the meeting.
Jeffrey LaneCommittee Member
Barry SnarrCommittee Member
Keith LoadmanTrustee and Vice Chair to the Parish Council

Also Present: Tony Duff. Jennie Shaw, Allen and Barbara Percey, Cathy Ayers, Sue and Alan Mepham.

Apologies: Niesha Snarr – Committee Member

  1. Agenda. The agenda for the meeting was published on the 18th Feb 22.
  2. Minutes. The minutes of the AGM held on the 25th April 2019 were accepted as a true recording of proceedings.
    1. Proposed. Jennie Shaw
    2. Seconded. Barry Snarr..
    3. Matters Arising. There were no matters arising.
  3. Report from the Chair March 2019 to March 2022
    1. As the report covered a period of 3 years the Chair, George Tomlin, presented a brief version of it for the meeting. The full version of the report is attached.
    2. Continuation of Renovation. The Chair pointed out that quotes and funding were now being sort for the replacement of the front door and for the re-decoration of the main hall.
    3. Use of the Reading Room. The Chair commented that, now the pandemic was largely over, the Community should be encouraged to make use of the Reading Room again.
    4. Appreciation. Charles Wyvill thanked George for the excellent work he had carried out over the past 2 years.
  4.  Financial Report by the Acting Treasurer.
    1. The Acting Treasurer, Hilly Dobson, presented the Financial Report covering the 3 year period of March 2019 to March 2022. The Report is attached as is the audited accounts dated 28th February 2022.
    2. The Chair made the observation that the Reading Room must again start generating a profit as its annual running costs were approximately £3,000 per year.
  5. Adoption of the Revised Constitution.
    1. The Revised Constitution was signed by Charles Wyvill as Patron and by George Tomlin as Chair to the Reading Room Committee.
    2. A vote to adopt the new Constitution was conducted with the following result:
      1. Votes for: 9.
      2. Votes against: 0.
      3. Abstentions: 4.
    3. The Constitution was therefore adopted to come into effect at the conclusion of the meeting.
  6. Future Events.
    1. A list of Future Events for the year 2022 to 2023, currently planned by the Committee, was given to attendees and was distributed to households. The list is not designed to restrict the organisation of other events in any way.
    2. Barry Snarr asked if the proposal of organising ‘Dinner Nights’ would be supported. The general opinion of the meeting was that they had been successful in the past and therefore should be tried again over the coming months.
    3. Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. A resumé of what had been currently planned was presented by the Chair:
      1. Grant. A grant of £2,000 from a fund set up for the event had been applied for from RDC. If approved this would provide funding for the purchase of a marquee and for meat for the ‘Big Lunch’. The latter was decided upon as the purchase of bedding plants or the planting of a tree were not acceptable to the RDC panel.
      2. Bedding Plants. Red, white and blue bedding plants and 2 hanging baskets have been ordered from Winstanley’s for the village from Reading Room funds. The cost being approximately £200.
      3. The National Programme of Events. The National Programme of Events was read out to the meeting. It was decided that the Reading Room Committee should concentrate on the organisation of the ‘Big Lunch’ to take place on Sunday 5th June. Any other activities during the 4 day celebration would need to be organised by volunteers from the village. It was also thought that Saturday 4th June should be devoted to preparations for the next day.
      4. The ‘Big Lunch’ Sunday 5th June. After some explanation as to why the idea of a Hog Roast had been explored and abandoned, due mainly to non-availability and cost, it was felt that a BBQ would be a better option. Quotations from 3 suppliers had been obtained with Campbells providing the most competitive quote of £240.
      5. Attendance. Yet to be fully agreed and coordinated with Tony and Barbara Knowles it had been suggested that the village and the Caravan Park should combine their effort for the ‘Big Lunch’. It was felt that we could therefore be catering for up to 120 people but to avoid over-catering that tickets should be sold in advance.
      6. Souvenir Mugs. The pottery in Leyburn had been approached to produce a souvenir Constable Burton Platinum Jubilee Mug. The cost of the mugs had yet to be confirmed at £6 to £7 but dependent upon the quantity ordered. The idea was received favourably by the meeting and it was suggested that only a limited number should be pre-ordered. Also suggested was that orders for the mugs could be taken prior to ordering them from the pottery.
      7. Profit. It was pointed out that the event should not be run at a loss to the Reading Room funds.
  7. Rental Prices.
    1. The Chair suggested that to help regenerate the use of the Reading Room, post pandemic, that the rental prices should remain unchanged. To hire the Reading Room currently costs:
    2. A minimum cost of £20 – this covers the cost of heating if required.
    3. £10 per hour.
    4. £50 per day 9am to 5pm.
    5. A full list of charges to rent other equipment is displayed on the Village Notice Board and in the Reading Room.
  8. Ukraine Appeal.
    1. The Ukraine appeal had already donated £330 to sponsor a transit van to take aid to Poland for the Ukrainian people. The van would be one of 15 organised by the Colburn Village Hall Committee due to depart on the 28th March.
    2. It was pointed out that the initiative to sell art work in the Reading Room was that of Jean Knights. Many thanks were given to her for this idea.
    3. The Chair said that this appeal is likely to continue for some considerable time and that the fund may be used to support Ukraine in other ways.
    4. The Reading Room is currently open daily from 11.30am to 2pm for the viewing and purchase of art work. Friendship lapel badges had also been ordered to be sold for the same fund.
  9. Election of Committee Members.
    1. Four nominations had been received for election/re-election to the Reading Room’s Committee. They were:
      1. Barry Snarr as Chair Person
      2. Hilly Dobson as Vice Chair Person
      3. Jeffrey Lane as Committee Member
      4. Niesha Snarr as Committee Member
    2. These were voted and accepted unanimously by the meeting.
    3. The newly formed Committee voted onto the Committee:
      1. Allen Percy as Treasurer
      2. Keith Loadman as Trustee.
    4. Charles Wyvill said that he was to be the nominated member of the Wyvill family and Patron.
  10. Privacy Policy. 
    1. The Committee Privacy Policy was accepted and adopted by the members of the newly formed committee.
    2. All 6 members of the Committee completed and signed the forms.
  11. Any Other Business.
    1. Jeffrey Lane thanked Stuart Ayers for cutting the small verges. Cathy Ayers said that Stewart no longer wished to be a member of the Committee but that he would continue to support the Reading Room and the Village.
    2. Barry Snarr:
      1. Asked as to who owned the wooden shed in the car park. The Chair replied that it was owned by the neighbour to the Reading Room Mr John Edington. Cathy Ayers confirmed that it had been there for 15 years with permission from the Estate.
      2. He then asked if any income was derived from it and that he was concerned as to what might be stored in it. It was confirmed that no income was derived from it and that the contents were unknown.
      3. There was some discussion concerning the use of the car park and the possible introduction of an electrical charging point at some time in the future.
  12. Date of Next Meeting. The date for the next Committee meeting was to be decided upon.
  13. Meeting Closed. The meeting closed at 3.15pm.

Hilly Dobson
Secretary, to the Meeting
Mobile: 07942864354

27th March 2022