Beech Tree War Memorial Meeting – Thursday 21st November

The Beech Tree War Memorial Meeting is now scheduled to take place in the Reading Room on Thursday 21st November at 7pm. A full agenda will be produced but the main items to be discussed will be funding, design of the carving and plaque and a project start date. I hope you can all attend.


One thought on “Beech Tree War Memorial Meeting – Thursday 21st November


    I would like to see a new drawing showing the front elevation and two side elevation sketches, that cover three quarters if not the full circumference of the tree with the items that were agreed at a previous meeting. These did not include the Pheasant or the Hare.
    I feel this would allow everyone to see the beauty, space, depth and a sense of life in each of the carvings. The carving would I hope, then reflect the true history of the village, being kind, caring and compassionate.
    I would love to look out from my front window as I have done for over 30 years and see this magnificent beech tree, not as a stump or carved into a flat lifeless and lethargic figure, but as a beautiful carving that had meaning, purpose and above all else dedicated to the people of the parish, past and present, while inspiring the future generation to be part of the village community.
    In the words of Helen Keller “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

    John Edington


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