Beech Tree War Memorial – Artist’s Sketch


An artist’s sketch has been received from Lukasz Beben and is shown below. Also shown is the proposed design of the plaque which it is intended will be at eye level in the centre of the carving. It is proposed that a meeting is called on Thursday 24th October at 7pm in the Reading Room to further discuss these designs and the further progress of this project.

One thought on “Beech Tree War Memorial – Artist’s Sketch

  1. Chris Green / Janette Boult

    Myself and Janette have just seen the artist’s proposed design of what is to be carved into this tree and it is to me is far too complicated, to the point of being grotesque, and we are totally against any such carving of this tree now. The Village Green needs to be kept looking natural reflecting the surrounding of the countryside in which it is located, not looking like a ‘Blackpool attraction.’ At the last meeting I saw an example of a tree carved with just a simple owl sunk into an oval shape and to me this would have sufficed, not what is now proposed. Why have an oak leaf and acorn carved into what was a Beech tree, which can live 300yrs to 400yrs ?
    Having a war memorial put onto this tree is disrespectful to those named on that plaque! The plaque should be located in/on The Reading Room.
    Please now show two more villagers against any such carving of this tree.


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