Back from the Commonwealth

Chris and Anna are due back soon from the “Commonwealth of Australia” – which gives me a good excuse to publish a couple of photos that they recently sent:

DSC01042The 1st photo was by the ferry terminal in Sydney – a few yards from the Opera House. “They look authentic, and they probably are, but with the most cultured accents!”


The other, above, is a stall at an enormous covered market – Paddy’s market – selling almost everything, including a lot of Chinese vegetables. “We bought a few as they were on special offer, but haven’t a clue what to do with them! The stall pictured smelt wonderful – with the widest selection of herbs and spices that I have ever seen.”

[ The Commonwealth of Australia is actually a federation of 6 ‘independent’ states. Each has its own parliament – which has legislative powers over schools, state police, the state judiciary, roads, public transport and local government, as set out in Section 51 of the Australian Constitution ]

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